• God’s Decree And Creation Devotional

    Genesis 1:1

    Genesis 3 tells us that not long after creation, the sin of Adam and Eve plunged the good created order into a state of disarray. Nevertheless, our fallen creation was created very good by our Creator, and God will restore it fully when Christ returns to consummate His kingdom. God made the physical world for our enjoyment, so we should not be afraid to enjoy it appropriately View Resource

  • In the Beginning, God Devotional

    Genesis 1:1

    The Creator-creature distinction is fundamental to biblical theology. Every act of sin arises when we forget that we are not the Creator and then attempt to live by our own rules. Every orthodox summary of theology submits itself to what God the Creator has said and not to our own ideas of goodness, truth, and beauty. True worship begins when we see that we are but creatures and owe our Creator thanksgiving and praise. View Resource

  • God the Holy Spirit Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2

    We do not totally understand what it means for the Father to be unbegotten, the Son to be begotten, and the Spirit to proceed. As Augustine once said, we use these terms not because we can define them fully but in order that we might not have to remain silent about the personal distinctions within the Godhead. Our theological statements convey real truth, but they do not exhaust the totality of who God is. View Resource

  • The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2

    In the church today, we are seeing a renewed emphasis on the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, much of this emphasis is not on His work in creation and redemption to bring order out of chaos. Wherever the Spirit is truly at work, we see order in worship and lives being conformed to the image of Christ, whose whole life was ordered toward the end of pleasing the Lord. Such things result from a true biblical emphasis on the person and work of the Spirit. View Resource

  • In the Beginning Devotional

    Genesis 1:1-2

    These opening two verses of Scripture introduce us to the One for whom and by whom all things were made. The self-existent Lord of the universe existed before everything was created, and He alone has the ability to create freely with His word. His sovereign presence and power should make us immediately fall to our faces in worship. Take some time today to meditate on the truths of God’s character found in Genesis 1:1–2 and worship His glory. View Resource

  • The Trinity and Creation Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2

    Because the three persons of the Trinity work in common, God is never at odds with Himself. One person does not coerce the others, but all three work in tandem to achieve Their common purposes. As His bride, we who form His church should strive for such unity of purpose that we might reflect His perfect unity to the world around us. View Resource

  • God Creates the Universe Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2:3

    What informs your understanding of the world around you? Do you seek meaning and value from the surrounding culture or do you look to God’s Word to give you these things? The worldview of the cultures in which we live can powerfully shape our understanding of what is good, true, and beautiful, but Scripture is to judge which of these beliefs are true and which are false. Let us look to God’s Word to define the meaning and purpose for our lives. View Resource

  • Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1-2:3

    If our original purpose is to shine forth God’s image to creation, then the importance of our obedience to His will takes on new significance. When our goodness and mercy align with His standards, we reveal His pure character to the nations. As we pursue justice, we glorify Him as the only just Judge and remind people that they have no choice but to repent and serve Him. It is a great privilege to bear God’s image, so let us do so gladly. View Resource

  • Recalling Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2:3

    We may not often think about it, but when we do good to others we are doing more than just obeying the Lord’s command. Since God is the one who pours out His common grace upon all creation, every good deed we do is actually an imitation of His goodness to us. How have you imitated the Lord this week? Have you shown mercy to someone? Have you provided for someone in need? What good work can you do today in imitation of Christ? View Resource

  • Recalling Our Purpose Devotional

    Genesis 1:1–2:3

    When Adam and Eve fell, the image of God was marred in them and in all of their descendants. However, God was gracious and provided redemption for this image in the person of Jesus — the supreme image of God. Take some time to meditate on the character of Christ, and ask the Holy Spirit to conform you to His image. View Resource

  • Caring for Our House Devotional

    Genesis 1:1-2:15

    Biblical stewardship is more than just choosing where to spend money. God’s servants think long-term, looking to leave their offspring an inheritance and to contribute to the kingdom’s advance even after they are gone (Prov. 13:22). Proper allocation of time in the present must also be done with the future in view. Investing time with your children and in the church today can reap rewards in the years ahead. Do you think long-term with your time and money? View Resource

  • Creation Ordinances Devotional

    Genesis 1-2

    In this day and age, there is a great temptation for the church in the United States to think that its mission is coextensive with the platform of one or more of the political parties in this country. Yet while we must never be guilty of this error, it does not follow that the church is to be silent on current policies that violate God’s natural law. The state must ever be reminded that it is under the authority of God and the laws He has established in nature. View Resource

  • And It Was So Devotional

    Genesis 1:3-8

    Modern Westerners assume every person determines for himself the difference between right and wrong, thus undoing the notion that there is an eternal, unchangeable standard of goodness. Genesis 1 tells us otherwise. Moreover, this unchangeable standard is not some impersonal law; rather, it is the personal God Himself. Whose moral requirements do you follow, yours or the Lord’s? Ask the Lord to help you understand and submit to His revealed law. View Resource

  • The Good Earth Devotional

    Genesis 1:9-13

    Are you facing a difficult person or circumstance that leads you to question the goodness of God? Perhaps you know someone who severely doubts the Lord’s benevolence? While it is important during difficult times to be honest about what we are facing and why we are facing it, we must never deny the kindness of God. Take some time today to meditate on the Lord’s goodness as revealed in Genesis 1 and remind another believer of His beneficence. View Resource

  • Two Great Lights Devotional

    Genesis 1:14-19

    In the modern world, few of us are tempted to worship idols of wood or stone like the ancient Israelites were. However, the proclivity of the human heart to serve false gods remains as strong as ever. Which modern idol do you find enticing? Perhaps you have defined your life by what you possess. Maybe you serve idleness and are not doing all you can for the kingdom. Search your heart and renounce anything that has taken the place of the Lord. View Resource