• Darius Supports the Jews Devotional

    Ezra 6:1–12

    Our God is sovereign over all, which means that He can redeem even the situations that seem most hopeless and turn the plans of our adversaries in our favor. He promises to do this for His people, whether in this life or ultimately in the new creation to come. When we face difficulties, we should not lose heart. The Lord is willing and able to bring good out of what others have meant for evil. View Resource

  • The Jews Complete the Temple Devotional

    Ezra 6:13–22

    Just as the returned exiles were faithful to God in an era of lesser glory, so must we be faithful to the Lord when things are difficult and we are not seeing much return on our work. The Lord wants us to be faithful to Him, obeying His revealed will and trusting Him for the increase (1 Cor. 3:5–9). We are to serve Him, trusting that He will use us as He sees fit to accomplish His perfect plan for His creation. View Resource