• The Word of the Lord to the Exiles Devotional

    Ezekiel 1:1–3

    In the modern West, people are not apt to believe God is limited to one place. However, our relativistic culture has no trouble limiting the universal reign of the triune God of Israel. It is all too common to hear someone say something like “You have your god, and I have my god, and both are right.” Yet the Lord of Scripture is not just the God of one nation but of all people, even those who hate Him. We serve a sovereign God who is the great King of all creation. View Resource

  • Ezekiel’s Vision of God Devotional

    Ezekiel 1:4–28

    Although the term holy is not used in Ezekiel 1, the entire vision conveys the reality of the Lord’s transcendence, His “set-apartness” as the Creator and ruler of all. This is no God with whom we can trifle but the supreme Sovereign who is to be adored for His glory and truth. May we recall this great vision of the Lord that we might worship His majesty, rejoice in His love, and glory in His holy will as the Most High God. View Resource