• Israel’s Generosity Devotional

    Exodus 35:4–29

    Not all of God’s people are called to give the same amount of money or time, but all of us must give something, especially if we have been exceptionally blessed of the Lord. Jesus teaches us that “everyone to whom much was given, of him much will be required” (Luke 12:48), so let us remember our duty to give generously from the supply He has given. He owns it all anyway (Ps. 50:10), so let us not hold back what we are able to give. View Resource

  • Equipped for Vocation Devotional

    Exodus 35:30–35

    Even though God gifts us with particular talents for particular tasks, that does not mean we put in no effort to grow in those talents. We are stewards of the gifts God has given, and as good stewards, we should be striving continually to improve our skills for the sake of glorifying God in our vocations. View Resource

  • The Holy Spirit and Beauty Devotional

    Exodus 35:30–35

    One of the ramifications of the Holy Spirit’s enabling people to create beauty is that the church can encourage artists to create beauty for the glory of God. We rightly prize the gifts of teaching and preaching, but we should also prize the gifts of those who can create beauty to God’s glory. View Resource