• God’s Consuming Glory Devotional

    Exodus 33:17–23

    That God in His glory is a consuming fire should shape us in many ways. It should make us more reverent in worship and more humble in prayer, for the God with whom we deal is not to be trifled with. He is the holy Lord of the universe, and He should be treated with the deference and honor that He deserves. He loves us deeply, but He is still our King and Sovereign. View Resource

  • God’s Sovereignty Devotional

    Exodus 33:19B

    Arminians must admit that if God provides a mere offer for salvation, there is a chance no one would ever believe and be saved. But this contradicts Scripture, for the Bible says the Messiah will see the successful results of His labor, the justification of His people, and be satisfied (Isa. 53:11). The Calvinist position is in harmony with this truth and exalts the sovereign, almighty Lord whom we are called to worship. Honor and praise Him this day. View Resource