• Things Great and Small Media Resource by

    Exodus 1:22-2:6

    It is only natural for people to desire a life of significance—to make a difference in the world around them. Most of us will never do those things that solicit the world’s attention. But as we shall see, nothing is too small for God to use in His master plan. If you have your Bible, open it to Exodus chapter two, as Dr. Sproul looks at some seemingly small events that changed the history of the world. View Resource

  • The Burning Bush Media Resource by

    Exodus 2:11-25

    The views in the desert must have looked much different than the vistas Moses witnessed from the royal palaces in Egypt. By all outward appearances, Moses’ fall from power and prominence to anonymity with authority over dumb beasts alone seems like a monumental downgrade. Yet, the Lord ordained both of Moses’ stations, and each served to cultivate within him the capabilities and talents needed to lead God’s people out of the confines of Egypt. In His wisdom, God prepared Moses with the richest learning of his time as well as equipped him with the humility and patience to guide and … View Resource