• Covenant, Law, and Ritual Devotional

    Exodus 19:1-5

    Simply blotting out our sin would be insufficient to make us ready to obey the Lord. Our Creator must also regenerate and sanctify us, cleansing us from ongoing sin and reorienting our desires so that we love Him above all else. This happens decisively at conversion, but cleansing and confirming us in our love for our Creator continue to occur throughout our lives. Let us daily confess our need for His cleansing and His work to make us love His law. View Resource

  • One People Throughout History Devotional

    Exodus 19:1–6

    Because God has only one people, the promises He makes under each covenant to the corporate body apply to all of His people. We are not disconnected from Abraham, Esther, Ezra, the intertestamental Jews, or any others who make up the community of God’s people. Their stories are our family stories, and we must know them if we are to serve God rightly. View Resource

  • Israel at Mount Sinai Devotional

    Exodus 19:1–13

    In Ephesians 2, Paul tell us that it is by grace that we have been saved through faith and that a gift of God. He also tells us that we are God’s workmanship, created in Him to do good works. God saves us so that we can be holy and blameless. What part does the law play in the life of the Christian? What part does it play in your life? View Resource

  • God’s Treasured Possession Devotional

    Exodus 19:1–15

    Jesus shows us in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5–7) that true faithfulness to God’s commandments involves both outward action and inward attitude. Based on those requirements, none of us can claim to have obeyed the Lord flawlessly. Nevertheless, by His Holy Spirit God has changed us so that every true Christian wants to please the Lord and do His will. How can you live out the Ten Commandments in the situations you face this day? View Resource

  • Mosaic Covenant II Devotional

    Exodus 19:1-15

    God demands that all people worship and obey Him. But as fallen creatures, we cannot obey God, and so God became incarnate in order to fulfill the covenant on behalf of His people. Now that Christ has come, we obey Him not to earn salvation but out of gratitude for the great salvation He brings to us. View Resource

  • At the Foot of Sinai Devotional

    Exodus 19

    We must not try to find answers to questions God has never answered (Deut. 29:29). The Lord has told us all we need to know in this present sinful age, and trusting Him involves us acknowledging that there are some things we are not meant to know. When we realize that there are some things God has not told us, we will not give pat answers to suffering or become discouraged when we cannot find answers to questions the Bible never asks. View Resource

  • The Covenant of Law Devotional

    Exodus 19:14–25

    To obey the law means to come to know something of the holiness of God. The Israelites saw the glory of God on the mountain and trembled because of it. As Christians, we, too, should respect God’s law, for it is a reflection of the holiness of God. Carefully read the passage for today. Meditate on the holiness and dignity of our God. View Resource