• Trust in God’s Provision Devotional

    Exodus 16:1-21

    Are you ever afraid that God will not provide for you? Do you really trust Him to meet your needs from day to day, both spiritually and physically? Are you putting obedience to Him first, or do you make sure you have provided for your needs before you consider God’s commands? Today, memorize Matthew 6:33. View Resource

  • Keeping the Sabbath Devotional

    Exodus 16:22-36

    Take the time to read all the verses below and then to read Mark 2:23–3:6; Luke 13:10–17; John 5:1–18. From these passages what does it mean to keep the Sabbath day holy? How had the Pharisees abused this day? Does Jesus anywhere say this command is abolished? Examine your own life. Are you keeping the Lord’s Day holy? View Resource