• Improper Boasting Devotional

    Ephesians 2:9

    Refusing to boast and false modesty are not the same thing. There are falsely modest people who claim to be humble and yet make sure that everyone sees the good they do, even though they might verbally express glory to God when others comment on their good works. If you are seeking to publicize all of your good deeds, then chances are good that you might really want to boast in yourself and not in the Lord. View Resource

  • Fulfilling Our Purpose Devotional

    Ephesians 2:10

    Knowing that we are justified by faith alone takes pressure off of us when we seek to please God. It might be that sometimes we do not do good because we fear that we will mess things up. Yet since the Father declares us righteous in Christ, we need not worry that our feeble attempts at doing good will be futile — if we understand they result from our salvation without causing it. Even our good deeds are covered by Jesus’ blood. View Resource

  • Remembering the Past Devotional

    Ephesians 2:11

    Paul reminds the Gentiles of their desperate situation before Christ came and shows them that they have no reason to look down upon the Jews. We, too, should remember how far off we were from God before Jesus so that we never haughtily look down upon those who do not know the Savior. We are not inherently better than those who are outside the covenant community, but have as much need of the gospel as they do. View Resource

  • Life Without Hope Devotional

    Ephesians 2:12b

    A generic confession of faith in God will not do for salvation but only belief in the one true living God, the covenant Lord of Israel and Father of Christ Jesus. Let us not fall into the cultural trap of believing that we all worship the same God, but rather remember always that we find hope only in the name of our Savior. May we confidently stand for the exclusivity of Christianity even if all those around us consider us fools. View Resource

  • Separated from Christ Devotional

    Ephesians 2:12a

    In the modern world, it can be easy to think our non-Christian neighbors are not really all that bad off because many of them enjoy a high standard of living. Yet, to be separated entirely from the covenants of promise and the hope of the Messiah is the worst predicament that anyone could imagine. Let us be reminded of the utter darkness of a sin-controlled life and be motivated to share the gospel with others. View Resource

  • No Longer Far Off Devotional

    Ephesians 2:13

    The longer we are Christians, the easier it can be to forget the greatness of our salvation and the incalculable price that our Father paid to adopt us as His children. Yet we must never allow ourselves to consider the blood of Christ lightly, for it was the death of the perfectly righteous God-man that brought us near to God. Let us take a few moments this day to consider the grace and mercy of the Lord shown in the atonement of Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • Jesus Our Peace Devotional

    Ephesians 2:14

    God’s law defines what is pleasing to Him, so we must always seek to understand it and follow it in the power of the Spirit. Yet while the law tells us what is right and wrong and what we may and may not do, it must never be used as a means by which we shut ourselves off completely from the outside world. We may not, for example, consider any sinner so far gone that he may not hear the gospel just because he seems as lost as lost can be. View Resource

  • The One New Man Devotional

    Ephesians 2:15-16

    John Chrysostom, the ancient bishop of Constantinople, writes, “The Greek does not have to become a Jew. Rather both enter into a new condition. His aim is not to bring Greek believers into being as different kinds of Jews but rather to create both anew” (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, NT vol. 8, p. 132). Racism and other forms of ethnic strife have no place in the church, for we are all one man in Christ Jesus. View Resource

  • The Preaching of Peace Devotional

    Ephesians 2:17

    Peace between God and humanity is not a given. It took the sacrifice of God the Son to achieve it, and it requires personal faith in the Son of God for us to enjoy it. Are you at peace with God? If you believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you can be assured that God is at peace with you. If you are not a Christian, you must repent and believe today if you want to find peace with our most holy Creator. View Resource

  • Trinitarian Salvation Devotional

    Ephesians 2:18

    Adherents of other religions confess belief in one God, but orthodox Christianity alone affirms the existence of one God who exists eternally as three persons who all share the same essence. The love shared between the three persons of the Trinity guarantees God’s love for us, not because we are deserving but because He has graciously chosen to glorify Himself in His triune existence through the salvation of sinners. View Resource

  • The Trinity and Christian Unity Devotional

    Ephesians 2:18

    God is truth, so the unity that He is effecting between believers is a unity grounded in truth. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit do not unite people by neglecting truth, so where we see essential truths being ignored or downplayed, we know that whatever “unity” produced is not truly the work of God. Let us strive for unity with other believers, but always in a way that honors the love of truth shared by the three persons of our triune Creator. View Resource

  • The Apostolic Church Devotional

    Ephesians 2:18–22

    It may be important to know the historical succession of church leaders, but it is more important to preach the gospel faithfully. A church can be built on the Apostles only if it loves what the Apostles loved and affirms what the Apostles affirmed. That is why it is so important for church leaders to be grounded in the Scriptures. Pray for your church, that it would remain faithful to the gospel and teach it with boldness. View Resource

  • Founded on the Apostles Devotional

    Ephesians 2:18–22

    Liberals tend to elevate the words of Jesus (except for the ones about hell), over the rest of Scripture. Evangelicals may not do this knowingly, but there is still a tendency to think the words of Jesus (in red letters) are somehow more binding than the rest of the canon. But God’s words are found in the letters of Paul, the law of Moses, and every other part of the Bible. Take care not to elevate one portion of Scripture over another. View Resource

  • Strangers and Aliens No Longer Devotional

    Ephesians 2:19

    Though we may lose our homes in this world for any number of reasons, including persecution for the sake of Christ, we can be assured that in Jesus we have an eternal home in His kingdom. We are to look forward to this eternal home, and the hope of living forever in God’s presence sustains us in even the worst forms of suffering. Let us not be too attached to life in this world but rather long for our everlasting residence. View Resource

  • Apostles Devotional

    Ephesians 2:19–20

    The prophets and apostles have given us a sure foundation—the inerrant and infallible Scriptures. We do not expect God to give us new revelation today but only to lead the church into a deeper understanding of the truth He has already delivered to His saints. The words of the Apostles recorded in the Bible must be enough for us, and we are not to follow others who claim to be Apostles today. View Resource