• The Worth of a Good Name Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:1

    Many people who have a good reputation do not deserve it, for they live as impenitent hypocrites. Our remaining sin means that we will never fully live up to the good opinions others may have of us, but that does not mean we cannot have a good reputation that we do, in fact, deserve. Let us strive to develop a heart for God and a love for righteousness that will give us good reputations, not for the sake of the reputations themselves but for the sake of pleasing our Creator. View Resource

  • Wisdom Through Suffering Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:1-13

    In his novel Redburn, Herman Melville writes, “Not till we know, that one grief outweighs ten thousand joys, will we become what Christianity is striving to make us.” Though Scripture is clear that suffering in itself is painful, it is also plain that the Lord has a good purpose in our pain, using it for our good and His glory (Rom. 8:28). Hurting itself should not make us glad, but we should rejoice in suffering, for we know that God uses it to perfect us. View Resource

  • Mirth and Mourning Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:2–4

    Although the many entertainment options we have today are not inherently bad, they might get in the way of sustained, biblical reflection on the things of God if we are not careful. That is why we must take time on a regular basis to meditate on Scripture and what it tells us about the Lord and His ways. May we find ways to spend this time of meditation on God and His gospel of salvation, always being careful to use His Word as our guide. View Resource

  • The Virtue of Patience Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:8–9

    Impatience can lead to frustration, which can lead to anger. Cultivating a patient spirit by focusing on the promises of God in His Word and the work of the Spirit of the Lord will lessen frustration and reduce the anger that is the mark of the foolish heart. This is a vital task, for unrighteous anger is the root of many other sins. May we seek the Lord’s face in our suffering, trusting in the promises of God that we might endure in patience and love. View Resource

  • The Days of Prosperity and Adversity Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:14

    As we grow in faith, we should find ourselves increasingly aware that our hard days are from the Lord no less than our good ones, and we should be thanking Him for bringing trials into our lives through which He works to conform us to the image of His Son. Are you enjoying prosperity at the moment? Rejoice, then, in what the Lord has given you. Are you facing hardship? Know that God is working for your good, and He will use your difficulty to advance His kingdom. View Resource

  • The Vain Search for a Righteous Man Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:20

    The Old Testament Wisdom Books, including Ecclesiastes, tend to draw conclusions by observing the world around them. Today’s passage shows that the doctrine of total depravity can be arrived at simply by observing the world and its people. Clearly, we can find no person who has never sinned. We can therefore appeal to an individual’s innate knowledge of his own imperfection when we are sharing the gospel. And we should be quick to confess ours as well. View Resource

  • The Things People Say Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 7:21–22

    Harsh words spoken against us are hard to bear, but as we have seen in Ecclesiastes 7:21–22, we have to develop discernment regarding when to take these words seriously and when we should ignore them. We should also keep in mind our own tendency to speak ill words against others so that we will refrain from gossip. Moreover, may we extend the same grace to those who apologize for what they have said about us that we would want them to extend to us for our sinful speech. View Resource