• Total Commitment and Generosity Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11:1–2

    God will have all of us or He will have none of us. There is no such thing as halfhearted commitment to the Lord. Until the Lord returns, we will fall short and sometimes try to hold some things back from His control. But true Christians will have the direction of their lives oriented in the main to serving God with all that they are. They serve Him eagerly, and they are continually repenting for whatever they might try to hold back from His lordship. View Resource

  • Fearing God Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11-12

    Patience is a key virtue in the Christian life because of our need to take a long view of things. It can be difficult to remain faithful in suffering or to spend hours ministering with little visible return. When we take the long view of things, however, we find the strength to press forward even in the context of great difficulty. Let us surround ourselves with people who will encourage us to take, as we are able, an eternal perspective on all things. View Resource

  • We Are Not in Control Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11:3–4

    The providence of God is the only foundation upon which we find confidence to act in this unpredictable world. Knowing that the Lord is in control—and that we are not—actually frees us to act, for we know that no failure of ours can derail His plan. That He is in control also gives an eternal significance to what we do, for what we do is incorporated into the all-comprehensive plan of the One who gives meaning to everything. View Resource

  • Humility of Understanding Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11:5

    The only sure way to gain humility of understanding is to know the character of God. When we begin to grasp the immensity and incomprehensibility of the Lord, we begin to see our place in this world and we are forced to acknowledge our limitations, and acknowledging our limitations is part and parcel of true humility. If we want to cultivate the virtue of humility, we must know the character of God. View Resource

  • Joyful Living in Light of Death Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11:8

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage, “Notwithstanding the long continuance of life, and the many comforts of it, yet we must remember the days of darkness, because those will certainly come, and they will come with much the less terror if we have thought of them before.” If we are unprepared to meet our Creator, death will be a terror for us. But if we think on our deaths, realize our sin, and turn to Christ, we will not be afraid. View Resource

  • Joy and Judgment Devotional

    Ecclesiastes 11:9–10

    The media often depicts Christians as joyless, judgmental individuals who avoid pleasure at all cost. We know that this is a gross caricature, especially in light of the Bible’s teaching that we are to rejoice in what God has given. Sadly, however, many Christians’ behavior has led to the impression that we are joyless people. Let us rejoice in what is good that unbelievers may have no legitimate cause for this caricature. View Resource