• Daniel is Taken to Babylon Devotional

    Daniel 1:1–7

    God is the sovereign Lord of history who causes kingdoms to rise and fall according to His decree. Nothing happens apart from His having ordained it in eternity past, and this is a comforting truth. It tells us that everything in history has a purpose even if we cannot now discern what that purpose happens to be. All events great and small are being used of the Lord to advance His glory and our good, and His control over all things is the only way we can be confident of that precious truth. View Resource

  • In the Court of a Pagan King Devotional

    Daniel 1:8–21

    Each of us faces unique circumstances that make it hard for us at times to know how we can best witness to Christ as we live in this world. However, the example of Daniel and his friends shows us that discovering how to serve God best is not an impossible feat. While there are many things from the culture that we can accept and enjoy, there is always a line to be drawn somewhere. Let us seek to live wisely in the world according to God’s Word that we might not be of the world. View Resource