• The Apostle to the Gentiles Devotional

    Acts 9:1–31

    Take some time in the next month to reacquaint yourself with Paul’s career, perhaps through skimming the book of Acts or reviewing a book that gives a summary of his life and ministry. Consider how God’s unexpected grace was operative in the apostle’s life, and also consider how it has worked in you. Offer praise to the Lord for the wealth of wisdom and revelation He provides to His church through Paul’s letters. View Resource

  • Jesus Calls Saul To Service Devotional

    Acts 9:1–22

    Do we really believe that no sinner is beyond the grace of God? If we do, then we will pray for our enemies and not turn away from the church anyone who professes faith in Christ and is seeking to live in a way that pleases Him. Our God is mighty to save, and He will redeem anyone He chooses to redeem. View Resource

  • Sovereign Regeneration Devotional

    Acts 9:1–19

    Some of us have had dramatic conversion experiences that we remember vividly. Others cannot remember a time when they did not trust in Jesus. Whatever our story, the same God who raised Jesus to life and knocked Saul of Tarsus to the ground also overpowered our natural bent against Him. The fact that you believe is evidence of the Lord’s mighty working in your life. He loved us enough to seek us out when we were running from Him. View Resource

  • The Conversion of Saul Devotional

    Acts 9:1–9

    God stopped Saul in his tracks and can do so with any who oppose Him. But He sometimes allows persecution to buffet His church. Do you believe God can bring good out of hard times for His people? If not, take time to study God’s providence. Ask your pastor or church librarian to recommend further reading on this subject. View Resource

  • The Call of Saul of Tarsus Devotional

    Acts 9:1-10

    There have been few conversions as dramatic as Paul’s. True conversion, however, need not be dramatic to be authentic. Think back on your conversion. Thank God for “invading” your life and calling you, and consider how or if you have suffered for Him in His service. If you haven’t, should you have? View Resource

  • The Spread of the Gospel Devotional

    Acts 9:19–10:8

    Think about your own locality. How is the Gospel spreading in your town, city, or metropolitan area? Does your church have a strategy for reaching ever wider through ministries of the church and community, and by supporting missionaries around the world? Evaluate your part in the spread of the Gospel. View Resource