• A Discipleship Reformation Media Resource by

    2 Timothy 1:13-14

    The commitment of the Reformers’ to catechesis, formal education, developing Christian literature, and church planting as faithful methods of discipleship created a cultural infrastructure for biblical teaching to be passed down from one generation to the next. This session discusses how the biblical call to discipleship includes carefully developing and leveraging resources for the church in the West and abroad in order to proclaim the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible both now and in the future. View Resource

  • Optional Session: Guarding the Faith Media Resource by

    2 Timothy 1:13-18

    This session explains the importance of guarding the Christian faith by faithfully expositing the Word of God, and it considers how the careful teaching of God’s Word is bringing awakening in Latin America. View Resource

  • Preaching and Pastoral Ministry (Seminar) Media Resource by , ,

    2 Timothy 1:14

    A panel discussion with Burk Parsons and Derek Thomas. This panel discusses what good preaching and faithful pastoral ministry looks like today. It also considers how pastors can serve and care for God’s people well. View Resource