• Paul’s Final Epistle Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:1–2

    Take some time today to skim over 2 Timothy in preparation for our study over the next few weeks. Consider the themes of the epistle — the unchanging Word of God, the importance of holding onto faith while suffering for the gospel, the faithfulness of God to His promises — and ask yourself if your life has reflected these Christian truths. Pray that the Lord will open your eyes and make you willing to serve Him in all circumstances. View Resource

  • A Legacy of Faith Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:3–5

    Many of us have likewise had faithful mothers and grandmothers who have taught us the gospel, and we should thank them for their faithfulness on the appropriate occasions. Regardless of our family history, however, all of us are to play a role in passing on the gospel. If we have children, we are to teach them the things of God. If not, we can still pray for the children that we know that they will hear and believe the Word of God. View Resource

  • A Gift from God Above Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:6–7

    It is not by the might or power of human beings but by the might and power of the Holy Spirit that we are able to accomplish all that the Lord has given to us (Zech. 4:6). When we trust in the Spirit we will face the trials of life with courage and even love those who bring us trouble. As we submit to the Holy Spirit we will grow in self-control in all areas of our lives. Do you confess your need for the Spirit and renounce self-reliance every day of your life? View Resource

  • Suffering by God’s Power Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:8–9

    Paul’s exhortation to Timothy not to be ashamed of the gospel is something that we need to hear each day. With all of the voices out there calling us to be ashamed about biblical Christianity, it can be difficult to stand firm for the honor of Jesus. Let us be about the business of encouraging one another not to be ashamed of the gospel and of exhorting one another to share the gospel when God gives us an opportunity to do so. View Resource

  • The Saving Work of Christ Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:10–12a

    The longer we have been Christians, the easier it is to take the glory of the gospel for granted. When we consider that the holy God chose to redeem His people (who are not holy), we should be on our knees praising Him and vowing to serve Him in all things. Were we to think on the mercy of our Lord more often, we would be far less likely to find ourselves ashamed of the gospel and far more willing and able to endure rejection for His sake. View Resource

  • Paul’s Confidence in Christ Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:12b–14

    We do not have enough strength in ourselves to remain committed to every facet of the gospel. Instead, we are utterly dependent on the Spirit to create a love for God and His truth in our hearts. If we study the things of God without regularly confessing our need of the Spirit’s help, we can easily be led astray. Do you ask for the Spirit to give you a love for Scripture and all that it says about the faith? View Resource

  • Consistency in Ministry Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:13–14

    Faithful service and mere knowledge of doctrine does not get us into heaven, but they do help assure us that our faith is real. Take some time to look back over 2 Timothy and reflect on what this epistle has to say about your calling and your need to remain faithful and consistent. Ask the Lord to supply you with the power and motivation to engage in ministry each day and look to Scripture to define how all ministry is to be conducted. View Resource

  • The Pastoral Epistles Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:14

    Today’s passage summarizes a theme that runs throughout the Pastoral Epistles, namely, our need to guard the deposit entrusted to us. This deposit is the prophetic and apostolic word of salvation found in the Bible, which is entirely trustworthy in its reporting of events, persons, and doctrines. Scripture remains the most vilified book on the planet, but none of the attacks levied against it can stand. Let us affirm wholeheartedly all that it teaches. View Resource

  • An Example of Faithfulness Devotional

    2 Timothy 1:15–18

    The Lord is able to keep us safe and secure in the faith until that final day, but one of the ways He does this is through the prayers of His people. Just as Jesus prayed for Peter (Luke 22:31–32), so too should we be praying that those who have professed faith will actually possess faith and persevere in it, especially if they do not appear to be walking with God. For whom do you need to intercede today for the sake of his perseverance? View Resource

  • Passing on the Trust Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:1–2

    The faithful men to whom Timothy was to entrust the gospel were those loyal to Christ and His apostles, committed to keeping their promises, and sound in their knowledge of the faith. Not all of us are called to be pastors, but all of us should become the kind of people Timothy was to look for. Men and women alike should strive for loyalty to Christ, trustworthy speech, and competence in biblical doctrine. View Resource

  • Why Study God’s Word? Devotional

    2 Timothy 2

    Our ultimate goal is to be pleasing to God in all of life. Certainly for the believer, a critical part of life is our handling and understanding of the Bible. As you begin another year of reading and study, commit yourself to the long-term goal of being found faithful to the task of presenting yourself as a workman who correctly handles the word of truth. Though a lifetime goal, it is achieved through patient daily practice. View Resource

  • A Good Soldier’s Practice Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:3–4

    The single-minded devotion that we are to have to the Lord and His cause is not developed overnight. In fact, it is something we are ever striving toward and yet will not reach perfectly in this life. Nevertheless, that we seek to put Him first shows that we have hearts that have been made to love Him, and so we should be encouraged every time we overcome idolatry. Let us be confident that He empowers us to commit ourselves to Him more each day. View Resource

  • Requirements for Reward Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:5-7

    Our salvation is entirely by grace, and there is nothing we can do to cause the Lord to love us. But God graciously promises a great reward to those who persevere in faith even though He is the one who ultimately guarantees our perseverance. As we endure in the face of suffering we can be assured that our blessing in the life to come will be that much greater. Let that motivate you to stand for Christ today no matter how difficult it might be. View Resource

  • The Unchained Word of God Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:8–10

    John Calvin comments, “Let us therefore bear cheerfully, or at least patiently, to have both our body and our reputation shut up in prison, provided that the truth of God breaks through those fetters, and is spread far and wide.” Most of us will never have to undergo physical pain as a result of our proclaiming the gospel, but all of us will experience some kind of sacrifice as we fulfill this call. What are you sacrificing for the sake of God’s kingdom? View Resource

  • Crowned for Endurance Devotional

    2 Timothy 2:11–13

    Paul ends today’s passage with yet another reminder that God remains faithful to us even when we are faithless (2 Tim. 2:13). But those who know the Lord do not take this faithfulness for granted; they also pay attention to His warnings. How do you respond to the warnings God gives us in Scripture? Do you act as if they are not real, or do they motivate you to examine your heart and ask the Spirit to put to death any unfaithfulness that remains in you? View Resource