• Like Father, Like Son Devotional

    2 Samuel 13:1–22

    Because we are fallen people, our moral senses have been dulled to a certain degree, and in our sanctification they are restored more and more to what they should be. Engaging in persistent, impenitent sin keeps our moral senses dull and can even dull them further. One of the reasons we must fight against sin is so that our ability to discern right from wrong will improve over time. View Resource

  • Absalom Takes Justice into His Own Hands Devotional

    2 Samuel 13:23–39

    When leaders do not deal with injustice quickly and rightly, all sorts of problems ensue. This is true in both the world and in the church, so we must pray for our leaders that they would do what is right and do it at the right time. Let us pray for our leaders today that they would be committed to justice. View Resource