• Remember the Word Devotional

    2 Peter 3:1–2

    The second coming of Christ is another fundamental doctrine of which we will be reminded over the next few days. However, as we will see in 3:11–12, even this doctrine is given to us so that we might be motivated to live holy lives. Sometimes it can be easy to think that personal holiness is not a basic doctrine or that we should not be concerned with how doctrine affects us practically. Always study Scripture with an aim to thank, obey, and glorify God better. View Resource

  • His Coming Devotional

    2 Peter 3:3–4

    Are you distressed by what appears to be an increasing amount of aberrational teaching in the church? While in one sense it is good to be disturbed by false doctrine, we must never think that its presence surprises God or can thwart His plan. Moreover, we cannot let the fact that false teaching will certainly arise make us complacent in fighting against it. Ask the Lord to increase your trust in Him so that you may stand firm and not worry when you encounter false doctrine. View Resource

  • By Means of These Devotional

    2 Peter 3:5–6

    The false teachers’ denial of the possibility of God’s intervention in the world during Peter’s day is not so different from those today whose naturalistic assumptions deny God’s existence. Many in academia simply wave away any evidence of God’s intervention in history because of their assumptions that do not allow God to be an acting agent in this world. Review the story of Noah’s flood so that you will be reminded of God’s work throughout history. View Resource

  • By the Same Word Devotional

    2 Peter 3:7

    As Bible-believing Christians we all know, at least intellectually, that the only reason anything exists is God’s work of preservation. However, we are all prone to go about our business unaware that God upholds all things. It is only by God’s good pleasure that we exist at all, and if He were to remove His hand from creation, all things would cease to be. As you go about your daily routines, remember that God’s hand is sustaining you and your activities. View Resource

  • God and Time Devotional

    2 Peter 3:8

    We gain a helpful perspective on prayer by remembering that God’s relation to time is different than our own. It can be easy to grow impatient when God takes years to answer prayer. If we are not careful, we can even get frustrated that God seems to move so slowly. However, knowing that God relates to time differently than we do helps us remember that He always acts at the proper time. Pray knowing that God is not slow but always acts at just the right moment. View Resource

  • The Certainty of Judgment Devotional

    2 Peter 3:8-10

    It is important that we not manipulate people’s emotions in our churches or when we are sharing the gospel out in the world. Nevertheless, this does not mean that we should not have an urgency in our preaching. The end could come at any time, and those sinners who do not take advantage of the opportunity to repent today could very well never have another chance to turn to Christ. View Resource

  • The Lord is Patient Devotional

    2 Peter 3:9–10

    The call to repent before it is too late should never make us think that God’s election will fail to accomplish its purposes. However, the elect will never presume upon the grace and patience of God but will lead a life of repentance, remembering that His mercy requires a response of faith. Today’s passage reminds us that we must never take God’s patience for granted. Spend some time today in repentance over things you have not yet confessed to the Lord. View Resource

  • The Canon of the Bible Devotional

    2 Peter 3:10-18

    While the church has had some disputes over exactly which books belonged in the Canon, it always agreed that the Canon was closed with the death of the last apostle. While no Christian today seeks to add to the Canon, there are those within the visible church who claim to have new, direct, binding words from God. Beware of this dangerous heresy in the modern church. View Resource

  • Holiness and Godliness Devotional

    2 Peter 3:11–12

    We must not ever think that Peter’s call to hasten the day of the Lord through holy living means that the future is somehow unknown to the Lord or open to change for our God. However, we must also never think that our actions are not important to God. It is through the response of His people that God typically accomplishes His purposes. Therefore we must take the call to live holy lives seriously lest we are unprepared for the end of this present evil age. View Resource

  • According to His Promise Devotional

    2 Peter 3:13

    The apostle Paul tells us that if our hope is only in this life then we are to be pitied more than all men (1 Cor. 15:19). If indeed there is no coming judgment and renewal of all things, then we have nothing for which to live. But thanks be to God, the new heavens and new earth are coming as a glorious inheritance to all of those who are in Christ. Ask the Lord to help you view your present troubles in light of the new world that is coming. View Resource

  • Be Diligent Devotional

    2 Peter 3:14

    Only if we are in Christ will we be spotless and therefore pure enough to enter the world to come. His righteousness imputed to us in justification will be the only thing that secures our entry into heaven. However, our justification reveals itself in that we are concerned to be conformed to Christ’s blamelessness in our sanctification. As you rejoice in the gift of Jesus’ perfect righteousness, always remember that this gift must motivate you to manifest holiness yourself. View Resource

  • The New Testament Canon Devotional

    2 Peter 3:15–16

    In confessing the self-attestation of Scripture, we are affirming that the authority of Scripture does not derive from the church or any authority other than God Himself. We believe in Christ because the Holy Spirit convinces us, and we believe Scripture because the Holy Spirit convinces us. We have objective evidence for our beliefs and should affirm it, but only the Spirit can make us trust God’s Word. View Resource

  • Our Beloved Brother Paul Devotional

    2 Peter 3:15–16

    Some justify an entirely law-free approach to ethics based on a faulty assumption that the Mosaic law has no bearing on us at all. However, while it is clear that the law of Moses is no longer the defining mark of the people of God, the Law that now defines us is substantially the same as the moral law given at Sinai. This law of Christ is summarized in the love of God and neighbor (Rom. 13:8–10), and the precepts of the Mosaic law help us to understand how to do this. View Resource

  • Grace and Knowledge Devotional

    2 Peter 3:17–18

    While it is certainly true that all of those without true faith will not finally fall away, this does not mean that we who confess Christ have the right not to take the warnings of Scripture seriously. Even true believers can temporarily lose assurance if they follow false teaching. Warnings like the one found in today’s passage are used by the Holy Spirit to keep us in faith. Pray that you would be receptive to the warnings of Scripture and study so that you may not fall prey to error. View Resource

  • Second Peter Devotional

    2 Peter 3:17

    Take some time today to read through 2 Peter in preparation for next week. Ask the Lord to bless your time in His Word so that your mind and life might be renewed and transformed. Note today’s verse that warns us against being caught up with the errors of lawless people and losing stability. Ask the Lord to help you be able to discern true doctrine from that which is false and to remember that a pattern of holiness and repentance characterizes all true followers of the Word. View Resource