• Destructive Heresies Devotional

    2 Peter 2:1

    Take some time today to read through 2 Peter and review the apostle’s teaching. Remember that though the false teaching we may have to face today might be different in its specific expression, all false teachers commonly deny biblical authority in some way and often promote aberrational eschatological and ethical views. Ask the Lord to help you grow in the grace and knowledge of Christ and seek out community that will encourage your sanctification and study. View Resource

  • False Prophets Devotional

    2 Peter 2:1

    Though systematic theologians generally use terms like “redemption” to refer to our ultimate deliverance from the penalty and presence of sin, the Bible uses these terms differently in some of its passages. As we saw today, that Jesus “bought” the false teachers does not mean that He atoned for their sins. If he had atoned for them, they would never be able to deny Him permanently. Spend some time today thanking God that all with true faith will not finally fall away. View Resource

  • In Their Greed Devotional

    2 Peter 2:2–3

    Though fallen men will look for any excuse to malign the way of Christ, Christians must remember not to give extra cause for them to do this. And though most of us will probably never be guilty of intentionally spreading false teachings, our lifestyles may indeed contribute to another’s sin if we are not careful to follow Christ. (Matt. 18:5–7). Remember that you are being watched by others; therefore, endeavor to do nothing that would bring reproach to Jesus. View Resource

  • When Angels Sinned Devotional

    2 Peter 2:4

    Though demons and false teachers remain powerful enemies of God’s people, we must never fear them. They too serve the ultimate purposes of God and are restrained by His mighty hand. God is never responsible for evil, but He does use the actions of His enemies to accomplish His will. When you are tempted to become fearful or discouraged regarding evil, ask the Lord to remind you of His sovereignty over evil and do what you can to serve God by resisting it. View Resource

  • Condemned to Extinction Devotional

    2 Peter 2:5–8

    The Bible is filled with contrasts between the ways of the righteous and the ways of the wicked. Though only the perfect righteousness of Christ can justify a person, those who have been justified endeavor to obey God’s righteous law. The righteous are those who will be saved, and today’s passage implies that the righteous will be troubled by the wickedness around them. Ask the Lord to make you sensitive to and disgusted by wickedness even as you seek to lead others out of it. View Resource

  • The Lord Knows How Devotional

    2 Peter 2:9–10a

    That God keeps the unrighteous under punishment by turning them over to their sin should be a sober warning to us. While those of us with true faith will never lose our salvation, if we persist in disobedience, we may become more entangled in sin, making it more difficult for us to grow in our love for righteousness. Think of a persistent sin that you have trouble overcoming and find a friend who can stand with you as you fight against it. View Resource

  • The Glorious Ones Devotional

    2 Peter 2:10b–11

    That Peter calls demons “glorious ones” does not suggest they have some goodness left in them. Rather, it warns us of the power and might they still possess even though they are fallen. Though we must not fear evil if we are in Christ, we are still to understand its reality and be wary of demonic spirits lest we fall prey to their influence. If you are tempted to be overtly curious about the occult and other wicked things, beware lest you open yourself up to trouble. View Resource

  • Blots and Blemishes Devotional

    2 Peter 2:12–13

    False teachers who leave the church to start their own cults are, in a sense, easier to deal with because they have clearly set themselves apart from the Christian community. More insidious are those teachers who hold onto the name “Christian” and yet subtly or overtly preach things contrary to the Word of God. While we must not be divisive over minor matters, we also must be discerning about all our teachers. Pray that God would help you discern truth from error. View Resource

  • Full of Adultery Devotional

    2 Peter 2:14

    Most of us would readily leave a church in which a leader is promoting a view of sexuality not in line with Scripture. However, though today’s passage is primarily a warning about false teachers, we should all likewise beware lest our own eyes be found to be full of adultery. Unfortunately, the increasing sexualization of everything in our culture can affect us. If you struggle with sexual sin, find accountability and pray that your eyes and thoughts would be pure. View Resource

  • Gain from Wrongdoing Devotional

    2 Peter 2:15–16

    Even a broken clock is correct twice a day, or so the saying goes. False teaching is particularly dangerous because rarely will false teachers speak no truth at all. That truth is spoken on occasion, however, does not make one approved by God, for even the vilest of sinners have the capability to know and teach true things because they bear the image of the One who is Truth. Remember to take into account the motivations of your teachers as well as the words they speak. View Resource

  • Waterless Springs Devotional

    2 Peter 2:17

    In John 4:14, Jesus promises us that the water He gives to us will so satisfy us that we will never be thirsty again. Jesus has appointed many in the body of Christ to be preachers and teachers through whom He offers this life-giving water. If someone claims to be a teacher and does not point us to the Jesus of Scripture, we can be sure that he is a waterless spring. Whether or not you are ordained to the teaching ministry, make sure that you are careful to point others to Jesus. View Resource

  • Slaves of Corruption Devotional

    2 Peter 2:18–19

    While we know that all true converts will never fall finally away, we still must do all we can to help those professing faith not to fall away, for that is one way God keeps His people faithful (Ezek. 3:16–21; James 5:19–20). The discipleship of new converts is important because they are especially susceptible to falsehood. Regrettably, the church in our day conducts evangelism without discipleship. Ask your elders how you can help further the work of discipleship in your church. View Resource

  • Entangled Again Devotional

    2 Peter 2:20–22

    That we struggle with particular sins does not mean we do not have true faith. In his comments on today’s passage, John Calvin reminds us that true believers sin but live lives demonstrating they are not under its dominion. If you are quick to repent when convicted of sin and strive against its presence in your life then you can be sure you are not under its dominion. Ask the Lord to enable you to repent and ask Him to help you fight the sins with which you struggle. View Resource