• Providential Working Through Miracles Devotional

    2 Kings 6:1–7

    Because God is sovereign over His creation and can direct it to whatever ends He desires, we can be confident that He can answer our prayers. Though God in His sovereignty retains the right to say yes or no to us, He is nevertheless able to heal the sick, change hearts, and do other things that we pray for. If we are confident in God’s sovereignty, we will be confident in our prayers. View Resource

  • Covenant Curses upon Israel Devotional

    2 Kings 6:8–7:20

    As we continue our study of the Old Testament Historical Books, we should be in awe of the Lord’s patience with His people. He preserved Israel and Judah far longer than they deserved, continually sending prophets to plead with the people to repent. God is similarly patient with us, not severely disciplining us for our sin at first but reminding us in His Word to repent. Let us not take this patience for granted, but let us turn from our sin this day. View Resource