• Josiah’s Covenant Faithfulness Devotional

    2 Kings 23:1–20

    It is easy to go through life never thinking deeply about the way we worship the Lord. However, Scripture is quite clear that the Lord takes His worship seriously. That is why we must be careful not to let any hint of false worship invade either our private or corporate worship of God. As we are able, we must support the true worship of the Lord in a manner that is agreeable to what He has revealed. View Resource

  • The Beginning of the End for Judah Devotional

    2 Kings 23:30b–24:7

    Although the final days of Judah were filled with much trouble, we can take comfort from the fact that God fulfilled His promise to discipline Judah for her sins in that it proves His justice and trustworthiness. When the Lord makes a promise, He cannot fail to keep it. That means His promises are sure and that He is worthy of all our trust. View Resource