• God’s Appeal to His People Devotional

    2 Chronicles 36:11-21

    Matthew Henry comments, “The methods God takes to reclaim sinners by his word, by ministers, by conscience, by providences, are all instances of his compassion towards them and his unwillingness that any should perish.” The Lord is quick to show compassion, and He does so in various ways. We often ignore this compassion or think we don’t deserve it. This should not be. Let us thank the Lord today for His compassion. View Resource

  • Restoration Fulfilled? Devotional

    2 Chronicles 36:22-23

    Even though the citizens of Judah returned to the Promised Land beginning around 538 BC, the restoration did not take place as God had foretold — on account of impenitence. Hundreds of years after the return, He sent His one and only Son to initiate the restoration of all things. Since that day, God has been working to renew creation, using His church to bring the gospel to bear on all of life and proclaim the coming of His kingdom. View Resource