• Encouraging Young and Old Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:1

    John Calvin says that today’s passage teaches us that pastors “must not only take into account their office, but must also see particularly what is due to the age of individuals.” Pastors especially must be sensitive to the age of the person with whom they are dealing, but all of God’s people must do the same. Older people should be patient with younger people. Younger people should respect their elders. All should treat one another with generous love. View Resource

  • Exhorting Women Properly Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:2

    Sexual immorality is a sin that causes the church to be slandered, so men and women alike should take care never to get into a situation where the propriety of a relationship can be legitimately questioned. Let us do what we can to promote chastity within the church. We are to be the light of the world, whose love for one another is a beacon of hope to our fallen culture. Mutual respect between all ages and sexes in the church is essential to fulfilling this task. View Resource

  • The Family’s Debt to Widows Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:3-4

    Only those with no other recourse are to receive financial assistance from the church, not those who cannot afford food because they refuse to give up cable television, Internet service, lavish living, and other discretionary expenses. If you need the church’s financial assistance, make sure that you have exhausted all other possible avenues of support before you ask for aid. If you are not in need, endeavor to support the poor with wisdom. View Resource

  • Hope Set on God Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:5-7

    One of the good and necessary consequences that we can draw from 1 Timothy 5:3–16 is that the church is not required to support financially those widows who are able for whatever reason to support themselves. However, the church is called to remember these women, especially if they have no relatives, and show them the love of Christ through friendship. Is there a lonely widow or widower in your church that you can visit this week? View Resource

  • The Family’s Duty to Its Own Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:8

    We do not possess the faith that we profess if there is no evidence of its fruit in our lives (Luke 6:43–45). Few of us would probably let our relatives go hungry if we are able to meet their needs, but if anyone has not been supporting a needy relative when he is able, let him attend to it immediately. Even if we do help a needy relative out financially, do we call and visit like we should? Have we therefore allowed the seeds of bitterness to take root? View Resource

  • Enrolling Widows Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:9-10

    Matthew Henry writes, “Those who would find mercy when they are in distress must show mercy when they are in prosperity.” The widows whom the church should be most ready to support are those who in their lifetimes have been quick to help and to pray for others. Are you well known for your hospitality and generosity? May we all be the kind of people who are quick to serve when others are in need. View Resource

  • On Younger Widows Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:11-12

    It is no sin to desire remarriage. The problem comes only if we become unequally yoked (2 Cor. 6:14) or break a vow made to the Lord. But being that God nowhere commands us to vow to serve him in singleness, that kind of pledge should not be taken as normative in the first place. If you are seeking marriage or remarriage, make sure it is to a Christian spouse. Whether married or single, vow to serve the Lord under all conditions. View Resource

  • Gossips and Busybodies Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:13

    The life God has given each of us is short, and it will be measured in the heavenly rewards He has promised us. We should therefore make the most of it that He might find us to be good and faithful servants. Our goal is not to make ourselves busy with programs just for the sake of programs but to allocate our time wisely that we might serve our families and the people of God, and thus the Lord. Do you manage your time well in service to our Father? View Resource

  • Our Witness to the World Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:14-15

    When missionaries enter a new culture, they have to adapt to their audiences in order to preach the gospel intelligibly to those in need of salvation. We must do the same, but we must be ever cautious that we do not compromise the unchanging truth of God’s Word, the holiness of God, or the other basic teachings of Scripture in doing so. Ask the Lord to show you how to live out His truth in this present evil age. View Resource

  • Lifting the Church’s Burden Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:16

    Matthew Henry aptly comments, “Rich people should be ashamed to burden the church with their poor relatives.” It is easy to think that helping the impoverished is someone else’s responsibility, even if they are related to us. But each of us should be doing what we can to provide for those in need, especially if they are members of our own family. What resources and skills can you offer to help those who cannot help themselves? View Resource

  • Honoring Church Elders Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:17-18

    The way in which we value goods or services is seen in the amount we are willing to pay for them. We have no qualms about spending money in order to get the best medical care or receive the best food in a restaurant. Why, then, are we too often unwilling to make sure those who teach us the life-giving Word of God are able to make a decent living? The amount of time and money we give to the servants of the church reflects our valuing of their service. View Resource

  • In the Presence of the Court Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:19-21

    John Chrysostom says, “As it is wrong to condemn hastily and rashly, so not to punish manifest offenses is to open the way to others, and embolden them to offend. …The threatenings of hell show the care of God for us no less than the promises of heaven” (Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, NT vol. 9, p. 205; hereafter, ACCNT). To excuse anyone’s sin is neither loving nor gracious but falsely implies that Jesus can be Savior without being Lord. View Resource

  • Ordain with Discernment Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:22-23

    John Calvin writes, “Every person should attend to his own health, not for the sake of prolonging life, but that, as long as he lives, he may serve God, and be of use to his neighbors.” While we must be ever careful not to bow to the idols of physical perfection in our culture, biblical wisdom would have us do the best we can to preserve our health that we might be able to serve the Lord well over the course of our lives. View Resource

  • The Revelation of Character Devotional

    1 Timothy 5:24-25

    A man cannot hide his character from God, but it can remain unknown to others. This practical observation should always be kept in mind as men are considered for church office. But even if we are not candidates for leadership, our love for Christ and His church is just as important, and it will become manifest (or not) at some point in our lives. If you struggle to express this love, deliberately seek to serve the church according to your gifts today. View Resource