• Providence or Chance? Media Resource by

    1 Samuel 4:1-6:15

    Is this one of those days when you just happened to stumble upon the Ligonier website, a website that you may not usually use, at a time that you do not normally use the internet? What chain of events brought you to this very moment in your life? Some say this all is a matter of fate, coincidence, or chance. But Scripture has a better answer. It is God who is in absolute control of our moments. Here in this lecture, Dr. Sproul will remind you that all things which come to pass must be a matter of either “Providence … View Resource

  • Narrative Preaching Media Resource by

    1 Samuel 6:1-14

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  • Narrative Preaching-Preaching From the Old Media Resource by

    1 Samuel 6:1-14

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  • Nothing Left to Chance Media Resource by

    1 Samuel 6:4-12

    The dominant view in our culture is that mankind—in fact, the entire universe—arose by chance. In this message, Dr. Sproul critiques this view by appealing to a basic truth: you can’t get something out of nothing. Nothing ever happens by chance, for God, who created everything in this world, rules over it all. View Resource

  • God or Chance? Media Resource by

    1 Samuel 6:7-9

    By definition, an atheist is someone who denies the existence of God. A theist on the contrary is someone who affirms that He exists. Christians, by definition are in the category of theists. So is it possible for a Christian to be an atheist and not know it? As strange as this sounds, Dr. Sproul explains in this message that many Christians’ fundamental belief about God’s sovereignty logically denies His existence, as he discusses “God or Chance.” View Resource