• Arm Yourselves Devotional

    1 Peter 4:1–2

    When Peter says that those who suffer in the flesh have ceased from sin, he is not teaching that sinless perfection is possible in this life. Until we are glorified we will still sin. However, as John Calvin writes, if we are united to Christ “we are really and effectually supplied with invincible weapons to subdue the flesh.” Make every effort to arm yourself with Christ’s manner of thinking so that you would be willing to suffer rather than do evil. View Resource

  • The Time That Is Past Devotional

    1 Peter 4:3–5

    As Christians, we are all too often ridiculed when we do not agree with our culture’s permissive attitude towards sexuality and substance abuse, or with the embrace of relativity and disrespect for authority figures. When people make fun of you for avoiding sin, remember the eternal judgment they will suffer and respectfully warn them about it. Always stand firm and seek Christian fellowship so that you may not live according to the sins of your past. View Resource

  • Even to the Dead Devotional

    1 Peter 4:6

    The suffering and death of many in the early church caused many of the first Christians to wonder if God would be true to His promise to vindicate His people. However, today’s passage shows that God will reward those who fear Him — although not fully until the new heavens and the new earth. Therefore, we should never fear death. If you fear death and persecution, remember that you will be vindicated. Today, ask the Lord to make you place your hope in Him fully. View Resource

  • The End of All Things Devotional

    1 Peter 4:7

    How are you living in light of the return of Christ? Are you obsessed with trying to learn the exact timing of the second advent? Or are you praying and working in light of His return? There is much work to do before our Lord returns, and today’s passage tells us that we must be praying. Take some time today to pray for the kingdom to come and manifest itself powerfully wherever you may be. Do your best to expect Christ’s return with eagerness and sobriety of mind. View Resource

  • Love One Another Devotional

    1 Peter 4:8–9

    Are you doing what you can to love earnestly and overlook a number of minor offenses from other people? Or do you tend to hold grudges? Are you expressing your love for others in your church through hospitality, or do you routinely avoid fellowship with others? In prayer, go before the Lord and ask Him to help you love other Christians. Then, show hospitality to someone whom you have trouble loving, perhaps by inviting them over for a meal. View Resource

  • Serve One Another Devotional

    1 Peter 4:10–11

    Peter does not give us an exhaustive list of gifts here; he gives two broad examples that encompass many of the specific ones listed elsewhere in the New Testament. What are your spiritual gifts? Do you have particular talents that have been noticed by the elders in your church? Do you readily gravitate toward one ministry or another? These are helpful questions to help determine your gifts. If you are not using your gifts, find a specific area of ministry in which you can serve. View Resource

  • Rejoice and Be Glad Devotional

    1 Peter 4:12–13

    Though our sin may bring suffering, the suffering Peter has in mind here is the suffering we endure from the hands of ungodly men because of our profession of Christ. When we stand for Jesus in our schools, homes, or workplaces we will, at least from time to time, experience troubles of various kinds. Yet at these times we must rejoice, knowing that we have been counted worthy to be treated just as the Son of God was. Ask God to help you rejoice in your trials. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Glory Devotional

    1 Peter 4:14

    The work of the Holy Spirit is extensive, and we will explore further how we may walk in the Spirit next week. We should note today, however, that the Holy Spirit does not tend to make a fuss about Himself; rather, He continually points us to Christ. When we see people attempting to honor the biblical Christ, build His kingdom, and serve others in Jesus’ name, we can be sure that the Holy Spirit is doing His work. View Resource

  • The Spirit of Glory Devotional

    1 Peter 4:14

    Peter reminds us today that if we suffer for bearing the name of Christ we are blessed. Just as the Holy Spirit rested upon Jesus, so too does He rest upon us, and our suffering proves that we indeed have been filled with the Spirit. As we seek to be sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will experience more the blessing that comes with suffering. In prayer, ask that you would look for and experience His presence in the midst of your difficulties. View Resource

  • Deserved Suffering Devotional

    1 Peter 4:15

    How apt are you to play the part of the righteous victim? Do you become indignant when you experience hardship even though you might deserve it for meddling in someone else’s affairs? Though we are called to rescue others from sin (James 5:19–20), sometimes we are prone to get involved in matters that do not concern us or in which our “help” is not needed. Do your best to stay out of matters that do not concern you and in which your involvement is not necessary. View Resource

  • Be Not Ashamed Devotional

    1 Peter 4:16

    John Calvin writes, “it is no common kindness from God, that he calls us, freed and exempted from the common punishment of our sins, to so honourable a warfare as to undergo for the testimony of his Gospel either exiles, or prisons, or reproaches, or even death itself.” Are you ashamed to suffer for the cause of Christ? Go before the Lord today and pray that you would be proud to be His servant. Pray for Christians worldwide that they would proudly suffer for their King. View Resource

  • Judgment Begins Devotional

    1 Peter 4:17

    The history of God’s people indicates that judgment always begins within the covenant community. For example, the Israelites were sent into exile before the wicked Babylonian empire was judged. Today’s passage expressly states that judgment begins with the house of God. Though we may not always know why we suffer, if we respond properly we will either be purified, disciplined, or gain some kind of heavenly reward. Ask the Lord to help you respond rightly to suffering. View Resource

  • Entrust Your Soul Devotional

    1 Peter 4:18–19

    Today’s passage, which also says that the righteous are scarcely saved, does not warn us that salvation can be lost. Rather, as John Calvin says, it tells us that no one enters the kingdom without experiencing hardship. Even in our trouble, Calvin writes, it is “certain that we are guided by God’s hand, and that we are in no danger of shipwreck as long as we have him as our pilot.” Whatever your troubles, remember that God is in control and strive to do what is right. View Resource