• Solomon’s Wise Request Devotional

    1 Kings 3:1–15

    Solomon’s life illustrates the need to persevere in the wisdom of God. Of course, all those who have truly put their faith in His promises through Christ will not die bereft of this wisdom and thus, salvation; but the way in which we are assured that we have faith is to persevere in seeking His wisdom. Seek God’s wisdom in His Word both preached and read, and you will certainly find it. View Resource

  • Solomon’s Great Wisdom Devotional

    1 Kings 3

    When Solomon asked God for wisdom, the Lord answered his prayer. But God desires to give wisdom not only to His kings but to all of His people. If we ask for wisdom in faith, believing God’s promise to give it to us, our Lord will generously dispense the wisdom we need (James 1:6–8). View Resource