• Our Advocate Devotional

    1 John 2:1

    Everyone who is reading this devotional today has not walked in the light as he should. Each of us has fallen short of the glory of God and will fall short of it again in the future. But those of us who have embraced Christ should not let failures lead us away from the Savior. He is our Advocate, and there is nothing we have done that cannot be forgiven — provided we repent of our sins and turn to Christ alone for salvation. Come before the Lord today in repentance. View Resource

  • Our Righteous Advocate Devotional

    1 John 2:1–2

    Even now, Jesus is pleading with the Father in our behalf, interceding for us that we might be forgiven, purified, and strengthened for holiness. To be sure, we work out our salvation in fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12–13), but we can do so because the Savior prays for us to guarantee our perseverance. Let us rejoice that Jesus continues to advocate for us, and let us always draw near to the throne of grace when we are in need. View Resource

  • Securing Our Faith, II Devotional

    1 John 2:1–2

    One of the lessons we can learn from those who use passages like 1 Timothy 2:4 and 1 John 2:1–2 to deny particular redemption is the need to study passages in their context. If these texts are not read in light of their surrounding verses, we end up with one set of passages contradicting the clear teaching of Jesus in John 10:11. But when read in context, all of Scripture fits together to teach God’s truth in harmony. Pay close attention to context when you study the Bible. View Resource

  • The Whole World Devotional

    1 John 2:2

    Scripture’s emphasis on God’s desire to save His people shows us that the atonement was designed to pay fully for all of the sins of the elect. Two thousand years ago, Jesus paid for the sins of His people. This great truth should cause us to burst forth in praise of His particular love for us. It should also make us confident when evangelizing, for it means there are people out there who have been bought and will confess faith. Share your faith with a non-believer today. View Resource

  • His Commandments Devotional

    1 John 2:3–6

    Some in church history have advocated perfectionism based partly on verse 5 of today’s passage. 1 John 1:8 makes it clear that this cannot be the case, thus, we must scrutinize our lives to see if we are keeping His commandments. Do you obey Christ, albeit imperfectly, and are you repentant whenever you do not? If so, you can be sure that you know Him. If you claim Him as Savior, seek today to obey Him as Lord where you have not done so before. View Resource

  • No New Commandment Devotional

    1 John 2:7–8

    The emphasis on love in 1 John is the love that we must have for other believers. However, while the needs of John’s audience required him to focus on love for other Christians, we would be mistaken if we thought that loving those outside of the church was not also important. Tomorrow we will focus on loving other believers. Today, think about a non-believer whom you have trouble loving and ask the Lord to help you love that person in thought, word, and deed. View Resource

  • Love Your Brothers Devotional

    1 John 2:9–11

    When we are honest with ourselves, some Christians are easier to love than others. We all find certain people less offensive than others, and as a result, we will gravitate toward those we consider lovable. But Christ does not call us to love only those easy to love. After all, He Himself died for sinners. If we walk in the light we must love all of our fellow believers. Think of someone in your church whom you find difficult to love and seek to have fellowship with him today. View Resource

  • Christian Maturity Devotional

    1 John 2:12–14

    The qualities mentioned in today’s passage are qualities for which all Christians should strive, and each of them contributes to the believer’s assurance. As we engage in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible study, worship, stewardship, service, and fellowship we will grow confident of our forgiveness, become firm in the knowledge of God, and grow strong enough to overcome the evil one. Seek out friends who will help you grow in these ways. View Resource

  • The Love of the World Devotional

    1 John 2:15–16

    Evangelical Christians are often quick to protest rampant immorality, and rightly so. However, sometimes it is easy for us to become overly eager to possess certain things and make wealth an idol. While we must not consider buying and selling evil, we must be ever aware of the dangers of materialism. Ask the Lord to guard you against materialism and seek friends to help you be accountable for how you use your resources. View Resource

  • Passing Away Devotional

    1 John 2:17

    The decay we see around us every day bears witness that this world will not last forever. Indeed, the new age that began with the coming of Christ will one day be consummated in a new heavens and a new earth. It is the eternal state for which we must long and for which we must store up our treasure. Do you have a tendency to love this world too much? Where is your time and money spent? Ask the Lord to help you store up treasures in heaven. View Resource

  • They Went Out From Us Devotional

    1 John 2:18–19

    Though verse 19 refers to the false teachers who left John’s audience, all those who permanently abandon the biblical Christ exhibit solidarity with false teaching and thus display that they also never had true faith. True believers will not fall away, but this does not mean that we are impervious to complacency (see 1 John 2:24). Being in the light means that we walk in the light (1 John 1:6–7), and so we must do good works of faith lest we be revealed as lacking it. View Resource

  • Apostasy Devotional

    1 John 2:19

    Since we cannot see the hearts of others, we cannot assume that those who now repudiate the faith they once professed have actually left the fold permanently. This means that we should pray for those who appear to be apostate, asking the Lord to work in their hearts and bring them back to Himself. Consider today those in your life who seem to have repudiated Jesus and pray that they would yet return to the faith they once professed. View Resource

  • Apostasy Devotional

    1 John 2:19

    Apostasy from the new covenant is a real and dangerous possibility. Members of the covenant community that do not have saving faith will receive harsher punishment than those unbelievers who never joined a church (Luke 12:35–48). If a church confers membership on unrepentant individuals, those responsible are only adding to their punishment. View Resource

  • The Church We Cannot See Devotional

    1 John 2:19b

    Except in those incredibly rare cases where people are unable to access or join a visible church, invisible church membership and visible church membership overlap. Men and women who refuse to join the visible church should have no assurance that they are part of the invisible church. If we love Christ, we will love and join the visible manifestation of His body in the visible church. View Resource

  • The Church We Can See Devotional

    1 John 2:19a

    In our day, many people do not grasp the privilege and responsibility of being a part of the visible church. The visible church is the primary environment for Christian growth and discipleship, and believers are responsible to join a local visible church and participate in its worship. Except in extraordinarily rare circumstances, Scripture knows nothing of a Christian who is not part of the local, visible church. View Resource