• Solomon Exalted Devotional

    1 Chronicles 29:10–30

    It is easy for our prayers to become long lists of requests for things we need or want. While it is appropriate to bring such requests before the Lord when they are not sinful, we should also be focusing on the character of God and praising Him for who He is. Let us seek to do this with humility, remembering that He is sovereign and most worthy of our praise. View Resource

  • Denying God’s Transcendence Devotional

    1 Chronicles 29:11

    The immanentism we have discussed today is still with us. The New Age idea that we are all divine is a further alteration of immanentistic thought and also draws upon Eastern religions. We must be on guard against any view that would make God identical to His creation, for then He would be identified with the wickedness His creation has promulgated. To lose God’s transcendence is to lose any hope that He will overcome the evil of this world. View Resource

  • Exalting the Lord’s Kingdom, Power, and Glory Devotional

    1 Chronicles 29:11

    In its liturgical form, the Lord’s Prayer begins and ends with God’s holy name, His kingdom, and His glory. The church has been wise in this, and we can learn from the saints who have gone before us that we should begin and end our prayers by praying for the coming of God’s holy, powerful, and glorious kingdom. Let us pray for that today. View Resource