• A Consuming Fire Media Resource by

    1 Chronicles 13:1-12

    There have always been those who have argued that a truly holy God could not or would not consign anyone to eternal punishment. Such, they say, is inconsistent with God’s love. In this lecture, Dr. Sproul explains why the holiness of God is not inconsistent with eternal punishment of sin, but in fact requires it. View Resource

  • The Untouchable Media Resource by

    1 Chronicles 13:5-12

    Why does God punish His own children so severely for making what seem to be harmless mistakes? As in the case with Uzzah, who placed his hand on the Ark of the Covenant—in an instant, he died as a direct result of God’s judgment. Why would God strike down one of His own people with such severity? Where was God’s grace that day? Dr. Sproul answers this difficult question in the message entitled “The Untouchable.” View Resource