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The devil is desperate. His kingdom has been raided by Christ, and he delights in whatever way he can derail us. He doesn’t care how we run amok so long as we run amok. He doesn’t care whether you’re an atheist or whether you embrace some false religion. He’s out there promoting falsehood all the time.

Regrettably, those in sin, who have not been regenerated by the Spirit of God, are prone to all sorts of errors and confusion. Sometimes the people who are proudest of being post-Christian, who take pride in being modern, scientific, and growing beyond old-fashioned Christianity, are the ones most prone to all sorts of strange, bewildering, and irrational kinds of intellectual commitments.

We really shouldn’t be surprised by these things. We should be saddened, but we should also be energized to try to hold up the light of the truth in the world. I think that’s one of the great things Ligonier does, as well as Ask Ligonier, which is providing material to help Christians who have serious questions and who confront serious problems. It is educating Christians to be able to respond to the false ideas that surround us on every side.

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