Which of the Bible’s teachings do you find most difficult to accept?

R.C. Sproul & Derek Thomas
1 Min Read

SPROUL: Probably the hardest doctrine of the Bible to accept is hell, for the obvious reason that it is so difficult for any human being to think about the idea of everlasting punishment on anybody. There’s just a human struggle with it.

I don’t have a difficult time accepting the doctrine of hell because I believe the Bible teaches it and our Lord taught it, so I believe it. It’s not difficult as far as whether the data is there to support it, but the emotional feeling attached to it is difficult.

THOMAS: I believe in male headship. I believe in complementarianism. But, in our society, it is increasingly difficult to preach that doctrine when you have women who are CEOs of multimillion-dollar companies in your church and they are to be subject to their husbands. That’s a very difficult doctrine.

I believe it with all my heart and my wife believes it, but I do find the assertion of this to be a very difficult issue today. I believe it, however, because it’s as clear as daylight in Scripture.

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