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SPROUL: Along with the question of when should you leave the church, another thing I would say is that there are times when you may leave the church where it’s not absolutely necessary to leave the church, and there are also times where you must leave the church.

If a church is so derelict in the truth that the Word of God is not preached or that heresy is preached, you must leave the church. Why? The church is the principal organ that God has given to nurture your soul and that of your children. To keep yourselves in a church where the truth is twisted beyond recognition and where you’re not being nurtured by the truth of the Word of God is to rob your children and your own soul of sanctification. I say that you should run for your life and get in a church where you will be fed and nurtured by truth and the Word of God.

WEBB: What I appreciate so much about this ministry is that you have never claimed that this is a church. This is a resource for people in the church. That’s so important because there are many Christians, unfortunately, that view some parachurch ministries as their church.

SPROUL: Right—we’re not a church. We’re not the church. We’re just a support system for the church.

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