What would you say to a Christian who rejects the inerrancy of Scripture?

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I think there are lots of people who are Christians who don’t believe in the inerrancy of Scripture. I think they should. I think they’ve been misinformed. They may retain the essence of the Christian faith, but they don’t have the bene esse, or the well-being, of the Christian church.

There is a serious shortfall in the lives of those who fail to come to grips with the absolute authority of the Word of God. When you negotiate inerrancy, you set yourself at sea and are subject to the winds of every doctrine, being blown to and fro.

Inerrancy is a very important doctrine, even though it’s ridiculed, attacked, and despised in our day and age. We have to be very careful to study this matter and maintain a high view of biblical authority. I don’t want a view of the Bible that’s any higher than Jesus’ view, and I don’t want to have any view of the Bible that’s any lower than Jesus’ view.

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