As a Christian, what gives you hope amid a rapidly changing world?

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What gives me hope are Paul’s wonderful words in Philippians: “Whether we live or die, we are the Lord’s” (Phil. 1:21–24; Rom 14:8).

There are many people who have nothing beyond this world and, therefore, cling to it with a ferociousness that is alarming and leaves them open to believe the lie. Something that has always struck me when reading the Psalms is how frequently the psalmist talks about “the lie” or “liars.” When I was younger, I thought, “Isn’t that kind of overblown?” It has really hit home for me, however, that we are awash in lies of one sort or another. The devil does not care which lie we believe as long as we don’t believe the truth. Recent events have shown me how crucial Ligonier’s work is to take the truth to people and answer their questions.

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