What does it look like to glorify God?

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It begins with the heart, the motive. Why are you doing this act? Is it to build your own kingdom? Is it to draw attention to yourself? Or in your heart of hearts, is your desire that God would be honored through this? Is your desire that God’s purposes would be honored and God’s kingdom extended? Glorifying God really has to begin with our heart motive, and then it works its way out to the very acts and deeds that we do.

Those acts and deeds we do must be in compliance with the Word of God and the moral law of God. They must be in accordance with the commandments of Scripture. That’s why Jesus said in Matthew 5: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit murder.’ But I say unto you, if you hate someone, you’ve committed murder in your heart.” Jesus preached a religion of the heart. So, if we are to glorify God, it has to begin with our inner attitude and our inner motives and then work its way out to acts, words, and reactions that would be like Christ.

To simplify it: What would it look like? You just follow Christ. You do what Christ would do. You feel what Christ would feel. You see what Christ would see. You believe what Christ said. That is how you glorify God.

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