What are some good arguments for the Apostle Paul’s authority?

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Paul makes arguments for his authority in 1 and 2 Corinthians. This is exactly what Paul was dealing with in his own day. His Apostolic authority was challenged. We don’t have to come to the twenty-first century; we can stick in the forties and fifties.

What you find is Paul saying: “You’re right. I’m not the guy, and this is not because of me, but it is because of my Apostolic position. I speak for God, and that’s why you have to follow this.” If you get into 1 and 2 Corinthians, you’re going to see what Paul appeals to—he doesn’t appeal to his wisdom, he doesn’t appeal to his cunning, he doesn’t appeal to his literary artifice. Rather, he appeals to the fact that he is sent by God, that he is the mouthpiece for God, and that he speaks on God’s authority.

Paul is an Apostle called by God. That’s his authority. It’s very fascinating that this question would come up, because you see it in Paul. He doesn’t write on his own authority; he writes on God’s authority.

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