In what ways does the devil attack Christians?

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It’s not necessarily the devil that attacks Christians, but it may be his interns. Maybe we’re not important enough to get the attention of Satan. Satan isn’t present everywhere. He’s not omnipresent. He can only be in one place at one time, but he has a lot of interns to do his work for him.

Satan knows our weak points. He knows where we sin easily. He knows if we are tempted to pride; he knows if we are tempted to anger; he knows if we are tempted to be slothful—and he uses those weaknesses.

I think there are seasons to Satan’s attacks. Paul talks about the “evil day” in Ephesians 6:13, and I think he is talking about a season when it seems as though the devil is attacking us in every conceivable way. The devil’s best strategy is to convince you that religion is only important up to a point and that you don’t need to be zealous. You don’t need to put yourself out there for it. If religion is just something that you can do and then relax about it, I think Satan is happy.

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