How can ministers introduce psalm singing to a congregation?

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GODFREY: I think the minister, in his preaching, can help people recover the Psalms and begin to appreciate their distinctive character.

When people get to know the Psalms, they love them more and more. It is a matter of getting to know them and then singing them to tunes that are appropriate or not too difficult. Maybe this is because I’m older now, but I sing the psalms from memory if I’m not sleeping well, which is a wonderful blessing. Great is the Lord and full of kind compassion!

BINGHAM: And if someone wants to learn to love the Psalms, there just might be a book and a teaching series.

GODFREY: There is a book and a teaching series [Learning to Love the Psalms from W. Robert Godfrey]. It does not do the job as well as it could or should, but it’s a place to begin.

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