How can I love the truth without becoming a Pharisee?

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One of the things we go back to is recognizing who we are as whole people. We’re not just rational people. It’s about the truth, and it’s also about what Edwards would call the “affections.”

The affections are not the emotions, but Edwards would say that you know it when you sense the sweetness of it. Calvin says in the Institutes that saving faith is the sensus suavitatus, a sense of sweetness. You see it in the Psalms when the psalmist desired the Word of God as he desired the honeycomb (Ps. 19:10).

If this is the truth and the truth of God’s Word, you’re going to see its inestimable value, and it’s going to impact you. Pharisees weren’t interested in the truth. They didn’t want the truth. They actually wanted to avoid the truth. So, stick with the truth and get as much truth as you can because true truth, as Francis Schaeffer said, is only going to drive you to worship.

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