How can Christians express the truth of human dignity during a global crisis?

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Expressing human dignity is completely lost on our culture. A culture that murders babies wouldn’t have any adequate or accurate assessment of the value of human life. It’s an oddity that abortion advocacy has ramped up prior to this coming election, but at the same time, they’re trying to save old people from the flu. There is such a confused understanding of human dignity and the image of God.

This is an opportunity for believers to declare the truth. I would play off of that to say that everybody is in a panic that old people might die, but don’t seem to be disturbed to slaughter babies in the womb. What is this? If human life has any value at all, you would think they would grant more value to that beginning of life rather than the very end of life, but this is the confusion of a godless culture.

So, I think we would start by reiterating the dignity of life and reminding people that there’s something innate in us that understands that dignity. That’s why we see this reaction to something like this virus, even though it’s not lethal at a high percentage. The thought that people might die disturbs us. Why doesn’t it disturb us that they’re being slaughtered in the womb? I think this is an opportunity for us to make the connection.

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