Jul 28, 2009

Understanding the Nature of Corruption

The technological explosion proliferates in geometric proportion. Yet the human spirit of corruption remains. We are still trying to be God. We still grasp for autonomy, refusing to have God rule over us. We now reach beyond the heights of an ancient ziggurat. We walk on the moon and call it a real step forward for mankind.

We are indeed "enlightened." No longer do students carry switchblades to school. They carry guns. Gangsters don't use tommy guns. Machine-gun Kelly has become obsolete in the face of assault weapons and rocket launchers. The battering ram has yielded to the ICBM. Our cities are armed fortresses, and we need more brick and mortar for prisons. We are still confused. Our politicians babble to us daily on the magical technology of television. And still everyone does what is right in his own eyes.

But there is no technology sophisticated enough to fulfill the Serpent's seductive promise. We are not gods. We shall not be gods. We cannot be gods. Only God can be God. Only God can be supreme. The issue in Eden is the issue today. Who will have dominion over man and man's technology? Our margin of error shrinks each day. Now we have the technology and techniques not to destroy God, but to destroy ourselves. It is technological madness.

Coram Deo

Examine your personal life. Are you grasping for autonomy? Refusing to let God rule your life? Trying to be as God?

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