• The Anointing of Saul

    1 Samuel 10:1–16

    Pastors, elders, and other church leaders are not kings like Saul. However, their authority is similarly limited by what God has revealed. Church leaders may not go beyond what God has spoken, and church leaders who try to impose unbiblical ...Read More

  • Charges of Blasphemy Refuted

    John 10:31–42

    Civil authorities have been given the right to bear the sword by God Himself (Rom. 13:1–7), so they have a kind of “divine” authority that has been delegated to them. We know, however, that earthly judges often fail to do ...Read More

  • Guidance to Solomon

    1 Kings 2:1–9

    Ultimately, any blessing that we have from the Lord results from the work of Christ, who kept the law perfectly in our place. However, that does not mean our obedience to God’s law is irrelevant. As long as sin remains, ...Read More

  • Israel Becomes Sodom

    Judges 19

    In the days of the judges, Israel did not live as a holy, separate people. As a result, they took on the ways of Canaan, becoming guilty of the very same sins. When God’s people do not live holy lives, ...Read More

  • Israel Sinfully Demands a King

    1 Samuel 8

    The Bible tells us that God will often hand people over to sin when they pursue what they should not pursue. He did this when His people sinfully demanded a king in the days of Samuel, giving them King Saul, ...Read More

  • Jesus the Lord

    Acts 2:36

    When we call Jesus “Lord,” we are saying many things. Chief among these is that He is our sovereign, and we owe Him alone absolute obedience. If we call Him “Lord” and yet do not want to keep His commandments, ...Read More

  • Murder, Self-Defense, and Hatred

    Deuteronomy 5:17

    Murder is not the unforgivable sin, so anyone who has taken innocent life unjustly will be forgiven in Christ when they repent and believe. As Christians, we are perhaps more prone to break the sixth commandment by harboring angry hearts. ...Read More

  • Providential Governance Of Big Things

    Acts 17:26–27a

    Scripture frequently condemns empires for thinking that they come to power through their own efforts (Isa. 10:5–19). Nations do not rise and fall by their own design but succeed and fail only according to the Lord’s will. We should therefore ...Read More

  • Saul, Son of Kish

    1 Samuel 9:1–2

    It is no sin to be attractive physically, but the beauty of youth fades over time. What does not fade, however, is the godly character that God produces in His people through sanctification. We should all pursue personal godliness as ...Read More

  • The Source of Pilate’s Authority

    John 19:6–11

    Jesus said that the one who handed Him over to Pilate was guilty of greater sin in the matter of the crucifixion, not that Pilate was entirely free from sin (John 19:11). Pilate’s guilt was less because he did not ...Read More