• Providence And Common Grace

    Matthew 5:45b

    Many people rail against the Lord, believing that they deserve a better life than the one they have received. God’s common grace, however, reminds us that as creatures we are undeserving even of our very existence. May that lead us ...Read More

  • Restraint and Guilt

    1 Corinthians 5:1

    The law should restrain Christians and inform how they deal with sin in the church. When we do not use the law as a restraint, Matthew Henry comments, “the heinous sins of professed Christians are quickly noted and noised abroad.” ...Read More

  • Utter Depravity

    Luke 11:11–13

    We have fallen far from our original state, but we do not exist in a state of utter depravity. We are still capable of recognizing what is good, though our moral sense is flawed apart from grace. God restrains us ...Read More