• Christ the Glory of God

    Hebrews 1:3

    Today, we see something of God’s glory by faith as we trust in Jesus. One day we will see this glory in its fullest sense, insofar as we are able as creatures to see His glory, for on that day ...Read More

  • The Coming Knowledge of God’s Glory

    Habakkuk 2:14

    In the time between Christ’s first and second advents, the Lord is spreading the knowledge of His glory through the work of the church to disciple all peoples. We are engaged in the greatest work possible and are used by ...Read More

  • Divine Infinity

    Psalm 147:5

    God’s being has no spatial limitations, but that does not mean there are not some things that the Lord cannot do. Our Creator, for example, is incapable of doing evil. He is morally constrained by His own character, which is ...Read More

  • The Holy God and an Unholy Prophet

    Isaiah 6:1–7

    Are you resting in the fact that you might be better than others, a person who has not done things as bad as other people have done? All of us are tempted to believe that the Lord will accept us ...Read More

  • The Light of Glory

    Exodus 34:29–35

    Scripture gives us many indications of what the glory of God means, but like His other attributes, God’s glory is not fully comprehensible to creatures. There is a greatness and magnificence to the Lord that cannot be expressed, and we ...Read More

  • Not the Father

    John 1:1–18

    In considering the Reformation and biblical doctrine of Trinitarian monotheism, we will at several points reach a point where we can say no more. Because God transcends the limits of our creaturely minds, we cannot fully comprehend Him. This is ...Read More

  • Our Incomprehensible God

    Psalm 145:3

    God is unlike anything else we can study. We can master other subjects, but we can never master the Lord. His incomprehensibility means there will always be new things for us to learn about Him. Thus, we dare not think ...Read More

  • Seeing the Son, Seeing the Father

    John 12:44–46

    Jesus is not merely “one way” to God or one option among many to whom we can look to figure out what God is like. No, to see Him is to see God, and the only way to see God ...Read More

  • Speaking About God

    Psalm 18

    Analogical speech about God has its limits, but it is fully adequate to tell us truth about the Lord. As we hear God referred to as a rock, a light, a shepherd, and a host of other metaphors, we should ...Read More

  • Trinitarian Issues

    Isaiah 55:8

    Because God is God and we are not, we should expect some things about Him to escape our full comprehension. But our failure to understand something completely does not make it a contradiction. We are called to study God’s Word ...Read More