• A King in Hiding

    1 Samuel 10:17–27

    It is not uncommon for people to experience fear with respect to the calling they have been given or a sense of unworthiness for that calling. However, such feelings become sin when they keep us from serving as the Lord ...Read More

  • The Anointing of Saul

    1 Samuel 10:1–16

    Pastors, elders, and other church leaders are not kings like Saul. However, their authority is similarly limited by what God has revealed. Church leaders may not go beyond what God has spoken, and church leaders who try to impose unbiblical ...Read More

  • Fighting for the Prize

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  • Samuel Meets Saul

    1 Samuel 9:3–27

    Life brings with it many disappointments and changes of plans, and we can find it hard to see that God is working in all of it. However, we must remember that the Lord is working out His good plans for ...Read More

  • Saul, Son of Kish

    1 Samuel 9:1–2

    It is no sin to be attractive physically, but the beauty of youth fades over time. What does not fade, however, is the godly character that God produces in His people through sanctification. We should all pursue personal godliness as ...Read More

  • Israel Sinfully Demands a King

    1 Samuel 8

    The Bible tells us that God will often hand people over to sin when they pursue what they should not pursue. He did this when His people sinfully demanded a king in the days of Samuel, giving them King Saul, ...Read More

  • Israel Puts Away Foreign Gods

    1 Samuel 7

    Today’s passage shows us that we cannot expect God’s blessing apart from lives of repentance. Although our Lord is exceedingly gracious and frequently blesses us even when we remain in sin, we dare not presume upon His kindness. If we ...Read More

  • The Ark Returns to Israel

    1 Samuel 6

    The Bible reveals a God who cannot be manipulated by human beings. However, God’s people have not always embraced this truth consistently. In Samuel’s day, they treated the ark as a talisman and looked inside it when they were not ...Read More

  • Peter, a Servant of God

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  • Yahweh Versus Dagon

    1 Samuel 5

    Even believers can be tempted to engage in a religious syncretism that is not much different from what the Philistines practiced. How many professing Christians make sure they have all their religious “bases covered” by consulting horoscopes, believing in superstitions, ...Read More