• Sacred Geography

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  • The Fall of Jeroboam I and Rehoboam

    1 Kings 14:1–15:8

    God’s grace is the only reason why His kingdom continues at all. His people are sinful and can make no claim on the Lord to sustain His church. Yet, God has graciously promised to do so. That does not make ...Read More

  • A Disobedient Prophet

    1 Kings 13

    God does not contradict Himself, so we cannot believe a new “word from God” as the altar prophet did when it violates what God has already spoken. In our new covenant era, this means that we cannot accept the claims ...Read More

  • Jeroboam I Breaks the Covenant

    1 Kings 12:25–33

    Augustine of Hippo comments that “for all that, King Jeroboam of Israel, who had proof that God was true, when he got the kingdom God had promised, was so warped in mind as not to believe in him.” When we ...Read More

  • Rehoboam’s Reign

    2 Chronicles 11:5–12:16

    God relented because Judah listened to His word through the prophet Shemaiah and turned to Him in repentance. When we hear from the Word of God about our sin, the proper response is repentance. If we do not repent when ...Read More

  • A Young King’s Folly

    1 Kings 12:1–24

    That Rehoboam’s decision led to the fulfillment of prophecy did not make the choice any less sinful or foolish. God uses our decisions to achieve His purposes, but that does not mean we are not responsible for our choices. We ...Read More

  • Prideful Words Hurt Your Life

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  • Solomon’s Final Days

    1 Kings 11:9–43

    God showed tremendous grace to Solomon during his final days on the throne. He did not depose Solomon and thus did not let him see the full consequences of his actions. So often, God does the same with us. We ...Read More

  • Solomon’s Disobedience

    1 Kings 10:14–11:8

    Scripture calls us to honor the leaders whom God has set over us. That means we are to follow their guidance insofar as they do not ask us to sin. At the same time, Scripture encourages us not to put ...Read More

  • Solomon’s Accomplishments and Renown

    2 Chronicles 8:1–9:12

    Solomon’s reign shows us that God is not opposed to richly blessing His people. Although great riches and fame are not guaranteed to God’s people, neither are they inherently incompatible with faithful service to Him. The Lord often rewards His ...Read More