• Atonement as Ransom

    Matthew 20:20–28

    We can make two errors with respect to Satan. On the one hand, we can conceive of him as having no power at all. On the other hand, we can think of him as having more power than he actually ...Read More

  • Christ Our Vicarious Substitute

    Matthew 3:13–17

    The Bible teaches double imputation. Our sin is imputed to Christ, put on Him on the cross, where He bears God’s wrath against it. His righteousness is imputed to us, put on our record, enabling the Father to declare us ...Read More

  • God Is Wisdom

    Romans 11:33-36

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  • The Need for the Cross

    Genesis 18:25

    Some people think that God could have simply forgiven our sin without an atonement. But if that were true, then the Lord would be more like an indulgent grandfather than a righteous Judge. We need God to be righteous, for ...Read More

  • The End of Sin Offerings

    Hebrews 10:15–18

    Understanding that Christ has offered the perfect sacrifice for sin takes a lot of pressure off of us. While we should always be endeavoring to obey the Lord, we are freed from having to worry about whether our obedience, our ...Read More

  • The Rule of the Priest-King

    Hebrews 10:11–14

    John Calvin writes, “If then our faith seeks Christ sitting on God’s right hand, and recumbs quietly on him as there sitting, we shall at length enjoy the fruit of his victory; yea, when our foes, Satan, sin, death, and ...Read More

  • Sanctified by Christ’s Will

    Hebrews 10:8–10

    We cooperate with God in our sanctification, seeking to obey Him and partaking of the means of grace—the Word, sacraments, and prayer—but we do not make ourselves holy. That is the work of God, who operates in and through these ...Read More

  • The Obedience of Christ

    Hebrews 10:5–7

    Sometimes the deep truths of Christian theology such as the incarnation and the dual natures of Christ are considered esoteric and lacking in practical value. However, Christian doctrine is immensely practical. In learning the truths of our faith, we learn ...Read More

  • Walk by Faith

    John 4:48-50

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  • What Animal Blood Cannot Accomplish

    Hebrews 10:1–4

    John Calvin comments that the old covenant system was not useless. “The Jews, indeed, had in this a symbol and a pledge of the real cleansing; but it was with reference to another, even as the blood of the calf ...Read More