• The Lame Man’s Greater Need

    John 5:9b–14

    Our sovereign God may choose to intervene and bring about an unexpected physical healing. It is good and right to pray for Him to do so. Yet we must never forget that people need spiritual restoration far more than they ...Read More

  • Debating Theology with Jesus

    John 4:16–22

    Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman is instructive for our own evangelistic encounters. People will not see their need for the Savior if we do not talk about sin. When we preach the gospel, we must set forth Christ as ...Read More

  • The Witness of Jesus

    John 3:11–13

    Because Jesus has come from heaven, from the very presence of God Himself, we can believe what He says. His teaching should be received without question, and a failure to believe Him is a failure to submit to Him as ...Read More

  • Your Words Reveal Your Heart

    Read More

  • The Baptism of John

    John 1:24–28

    John the Baptist was the most significant herald of the coming King. However, all Christians are in some ways heralds of the King. We are called not to point to ourselves but to point beyond ourselves to the Savior. Whether ...Read More

  • Eternal Punishment

    Romans 2:6–11

    Eternal punishment is a sobering reality. All who stand before God on judgment day on the basis of their own works will find themselves under eternal condemnation. The people around us who do not know Christ are on their way ...Read More

  • Death and the Intermediate State

    Philippians 1:21–23

    Orthodox Christian doctrine has never embraced the doctrine of soul sleep, which says death puts us in a state of unconsciousness. When people die, their consciousness continues, either in blessedness or condemnation as we wait for the final resurrection. That ...Read More

  • God’s Consuming Glory

    Exodus 33:17–23

    That God in His glory is a consuming fire should shape us in many ways. It should make us more reverent in worship and more humble in prayer, for the God with whom we deal is not to be trifled ...Read More

  • God’s Will and the Internal Call

    1 Corinthians 9:16

    When we are making decisions, particularly in the realm of our vocations, it is helpful for us to ask ourselves what kind of work is most compelling. Although God does not promise us an easy life, that does not mean ...Read More

  • The Lord’s Supper and Feeding on Christ

    John 6:22–59

    John Calvin comments, “There is no other way in which he can become ours, than by our faith being directed to his flesh.” The bread and wine of the supper are God’s seal that those who believe that the God-man ...Read More