• Israel Anoints David

    2 Samuel 5:1–10

    It took many centuries for the fulfillment of God’s promise to hand over the land of the Jebusites to Israel. But it did happen in the days of David. God’s timing is rarely our timing, but He is never slow ...Read More

  • Justice for Ish-Bosheth

    2 Samuel 4

    Matthew Henry warns us about those who “under color of religion, murder princes, break solemn contracts, lay countries waste, hate their brethren, and cast them out.” The murderers of Ish-bosheth used the pretense of service to the king to do ...Read More

  • Abner’s Negotiations with David

    2 Samuel 3

    We may not resort to grossly immoral acts in order to advance our own position. However, all of us have the potential to be an Abner, to shift our loyalties depending on who seems to have the most power and ...Read More

  • War between the Houses of David and Saul

    2 Samuel 2

    Sin will make us stubborn enough to resist what we know to be true. This happened in the case of Abner, but it can also make us not want to face the truth when doing so will prove difficult. Let ...Read More

  • Talk to Your Husband about His Sin

    Read More

  • Lament for Saul and Jonathan

    2 Samuel 1:17–27

    David’s lament over Jonathan again illustrates the powerful bond of friendship between the two men. There was nothing immoral about their relationship; rather, Jonathan was the friend who sticks closer than a brother (Prov. 18:24). We should show the same ...Read More

  • A Lying Amalekite

    2 Samuel 1:1–16

    Lying to achieve a reward or position seldom turns out well. Even if a liar manages to convince someone, the Lord knows the truth and will demand an account for every lie and every careless word. If we are people ...Read More

  • Saul Falls to the Philistines

    1 Samuel 31

    Saul was chosen for an important task in the kingdom of God, but he was finally rejected for his disobedience. We cannot think that God will overlook disobedience in His servants. He is gracious, but He is willing to remove ...Read More

  • David Rescues the People of Ziklag

    1 Samuel 30

    We do not strengthen ourselves in the Lord through mystical experiences or other esoteric activities. Instead, we find strength in God as we meditate on His Word and remember His promises to us. His Word is sure, and it gives ...Read More

  • The Philistines Reject David

    1 Samuel 29

    God’s providence can be likened to an invisible hand. The Lord is always moving in our lives, but often we do not discern His work until after the fact. He is guiding and directing all things for our good and ...Read More