• The Baptism of John

    John 1:24–28

    John the Baptist was the most significant herald of the coming King. However, all Christians are in some ways heralds of the King. We are called not to point to ourselves but to point beyond ourselves to the Savior. Whether ...Read More

  • John the Baptist Identifies Himself

    John 1:19–23

    John the Baptist was careful not to claim more for himself than he actually deserved, and he eagerly pointed people to Christ. In that way, he serves as a model for us. We should not claim more about ourselves than ...Read More

  • The Full and Final Revelation of God

    John 1:16–18

    Grace was present under the old covenant, but the new covenant advent of Christ and His teaching through His Apostles shows us grace in greater measure. We now have more insight into the depths of God’s mercy in sending His ...Read More

  • The Incarnation of the Word of God

    John 1:14–15

    In Christ alone can we meet God as Savior, so we can rightly worship God only in and through Christ. We cannot join with nonbelievers in their worship, for they do not worship God in and through Christ, and we ...Read More

  • Profitable for the Kingdom

    Read More

  • The Right to Be Children of God

    John 1:10–13

    Augustine writes, “We were not born of God in the manner in which the Only-begotten was born of Him, but were adopted by His grace.” To be born again is an act of grace alone, and only God can bring ...Read More

  • The Witness to the Light

    John 1:6–9

    Dr. R.C. Sproul writes in his commentary John: “All light finds its origin in Jesus Christ, who is the fountain of all truth.” Whenever people use reason and come to the knowledge of the truth, they are benefiting from ...Read More

  • The Word of Life and Light

    John 1:4–5

    To live and to know any truth at all is to benefit from the work of the Word of God. As Christians, we are blessed to openly acknowledge Jesus as the source of life and truth, but unbelievers benefit from ...Read More

  • The Uncreated Word

    John 1:1–3

    Among other things, Scripture directs us in how to worship God and in how to please Him. That Scripture tells us that Jesus is God incarnate means that we can and must worship Him. Jesus is not merely a good ...Read More

  • The Fourth Gospel

    John 20:30–31

    Over the course of the year ahead, we will seek to plumb the depths of John’s gospel and explore its teaching on the person and work of Christ and their consequences for us. Take some time today to pray for ...Read More