• David Escapes Saul

    1 Samuel 23

    God offered David many specific encouragements when he was on the run from Saul. The Lord continues to encourage His people today through His Word, which assures us of God’s presence and power. When you need fresh assurance that the ...Read More

  • Saul Kills the Priests at Nob

    1 Samuel 22

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage that nothing is too vile for men to do when God has given them over to the lust of their hearts. Saul’s murder of the priests at Nob shows the depths to which human ...Read More

  • David on the Run

    1 Samuel 21

    Scripture does not tell us directly whether David’s lie and feigning of insanity were right. Perhaps they were justifiable under the circumstances. What we do see in 1 Samuel 21 is that God provided weapons and food to David and ...Read More

  • Jonathan’s Covenant with David

    1 Samuel 20

    The kind of covenant loyalty seen between David and Jonathan should characterize our relationships in the body of Christ. We are in covenant with God and with one another, so we should be seeking one another’s good. Let us seek ...Read More

  • Saul among the Prophets

    1 Samuel 19

    Matthew Henry sees today’s passage as confirming that serving in ministry is in itself no proof of conversion. He writes, “Many have great gifts and yet no grace, prophesy in Christ’s name and yet are disowned by him.” Saul prophesied, ...Read More

  • A Global Faith

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  • Saul Becomes David’s Enemy

    1 Samuel 18:17–30

    The promise of the Lord’s presence with His people is the greatest assurance we can have. Whether we are facing illness, persecution, or any other threat, God’s presence with us means that our enemies will not have the final say. ...Read More

  • David Ascendant

    1 Samuel 18:1–16

    Matthew Henry comments, “Proud men cannot endure to hear any praised but themselves, and think all their honor lost that goes by themselves.” Proud individuals who are unwilling to rejoice in the success of others threaten the peace of the ...Read More

  • David Versus Goliath

    1 Samuel 17:38–58

    The enemies of God and His people often look intimidating. However, we must look past appearances and realize that Christ will defeat all His and our enemies. No matter how strong the opposition may seem, the church will emerge victorious, ...Read More

  • The Threat of Goliath

    1 Samuel 17:1–37

    Like Goliath, many of God’s enemies will cry out against Him and taunt His people, believing that the Lord cannot win the victory. However, the Lord God Almighty can deliver us from our enemies, and He will do this ultimately ...Read More