• Arming the Builders

    Nehemiah 4

    Matthew Henry comments on today’s passage that “the reigning fear of God is the best antidote against the ensnaring fear of man.” Good preparations and plans are vital, but the only way not to fear our enemies is to fear ...Read More

  • Work on the Wall Begins

    Nehemiah 2:9–3:32

    God’s plan for the church is that we would be united in one faith and mission, and when this occurs we will not be tossed about by cunning and craftiness but will be a mighty army, conquering His enemies (Eph. ...Read More

  • A Life of Thankfulness

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  • Nehemiah Approaches Artaxerxes

    Nehemiah 2:1–8

    Scripture does not oppose trusting in God and wisely planning our steps. To plan wisely, in fact, is an act of faith, for the Lord has blessed us with godly wisdom in the Scriptures, and to learn from this wisdom ...Read More

  • Nehemiah’s Concern for Jerusalem

    Nehemiah 1

    Nehemiah clearly had a great love for his people, the Jews. As Christians, we must learn from this, for we are likewise commanded to love our people—our brothers and sisters in Christ. We should be seeking to grow in our ...Read More

  • Putting Away the Foreign Wives

    Ezra 10:1–17

    Today’s passage is difficult, so we are thankful that we have more revelation under the new covenant with respect to marriage and divorce. If a believer’s spouse does not trust in Jesus, he or she should not divorce the unbelieving ...Read More

  • The Problem of Intermarriage

    Ezra 9

    The problem with the mixed marriages in Ezra’s day is that the Jews had yoked themselves to people who denied the one true God. We cannot think that marrying people who are not believers will be good for our spiritual ...Read More

  • The Journey to Jerusalem

    Ezra 8:24–36

    From what we read in Ezra 8, it is clear that Ezra was a man of integrity who was committed to obeying the Word of God. Such integrity should be a mark of every leader of the Lord’s people, but ...Read More

  • Faith in Times of Crisis

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  • Opportunism and Partiality

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