• John Calvin’s Offering to the Lord

    <p>Deuteronomy 4:29</p>

    God is looking for men and women who search after Him with their whole heart (Deut. 4:29). We will search for Him only if God gives us a willing heart to do so, and if He has given us such ...Read More

  • The Witness of Polycarp

    <p>Matthew 16:25</p>

    Islam teaches that dying as a witness to Allah guarantees entry into heaven. Biblical Christianity tells us that we cannot merit heaven by our deaths. Our willingness to die for Christ proves that we have faith, but seeking out death ...Read More

  • Shining God’s Glory

    Read More

  • Inner Cleanness

    Deuteronomy 5:21

    Sin is finally a matter of the heart. That is why we must not be content with conforming only our outward behavior to God’s law but also our inward thoughts and desires. This day, repent for those thoughts and desires ...Read More

  • Finding Guidance in the Law

    Psalm 119:97–104

    How much do we love God’s law? The Psalms prove that true Christian piety involves a deep affection for God’s commandments. If we love God, we will have an abiding desire to study, understand, and know His law.Read More

  • The Antinomian Error

    Romans 6:15–23

    People who possess saving faith earnestly desire to obey God’s commandments. They do not seek to do so to merit eternal life; they do so in order to thank God and demonstrate the authenticity of their faith. We must take ...Read More

  • Faith and Sanctification

    Acts 26:12–18

    Even our progressive sanctification—our life of growing in holiness that is the necessary fruit of justification—depends on faith. By faith, we grow in Christ, trusting in the promises of God so completely that we actually end up following His commandments. ...Read More

  • What is Saving Faith?

    James 2:14–19

    By placing ourselves in Christ’s hands for salvation, we are not denying that saving faith is essentially something that one receives. That is because when we trust in Christ, we are not saying, “Here we are, and you are lucky ...Read More

  • Obedience In Baptism

    Matthew 3:13-15

    We are called to obey every command God has given us, but our obedience does not secure our salvation. Only the obedience of Christ can do that. Our obedience is a reflection of whether we are grateful for our Lord’s ...Read More

  • Obedience In Childhood

    Luke 2:52

    From His first breath to His last, our Savior was committed to doing what was necessary for our salvation. He resolved always to obey His Father and never failed. Such commitment encourages us to trust Him with all that we ...Read More