• The Suffering in Sacrifice

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  • Life from Father and Son

    John 5:25–29

    John Calvin continues his comments on today’s passage: “Indeed we do not deny that the faith which justifies us is accompanied by an earnest desire to live well and righteously; but we only maintain that our confidence cannot rest on ...Read More

  • Father and Son Together

    John 5:19–24

    Because we are not God, we can never achieve the same kind of unity with our Creator that Jesus has. Nevertheless, we can bring our wills and desires in line with His, just as the Son wants to do only ...Read More

  • The Father and the Son’s Sabbath Labor

    John 5:15–18

    God’s rest on the Sabbath is a model for ours (Gen. 2:1–3). Thus, if God works on the Sabbath to preserve the universe, the cessation of ordinary labor on the Sabbath does not equal idleness on our part. We are ...Read More

  • The Lame Man’s Greater Need

    John 5:9b–14

    Our sovereign God may choose to intervene and bring about an unexpected physical healing. It is good and right to pray for Him to do so. Yet we must never forget that people need spiritual restoration far more than they ...Read More

  • Healing at Bethesda

    John 5:1–9a

    Our sovereign God does not need our faith in order to intervene in His world supernaturally. Nevertheless, He is often pleased to intervene with healings that medical science cannot explain and other such things when we come to Him in ...Read More

  • The Courage of Holy Conviction

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  • Ministry in Galilee

    John 4:43–54

    What is the foundation of your faith? The signs and wonders recorded in Scripture can help confirm our faith, but they are by themselves no sure foundation for faith. We know, in fact, that many people saw Jesus do great ...Read More

  • The Savior of the World

    John 4:39–42

    Jesus is the Savior not only of one nationality; rather, He is the Savior of the world. No one in the world can be saved apart from His work, and only through faith in Him will anyone be saved. We ...Read More

  • The Work of Sowing and Reaping

    John 4:35–38

    What is your place in the work of the kingdom? Even now, Christ is working through His church to plant spiritual seed and reap spiritual fruit, and all of us are called to participate in this work by exercising our ...Read More