• Receiving the One Whom Jesus Sends

    John 13:18–20

    Jesus’ words in today’s passage apply not only to non-Christians but also to us who have trusted Him as Savior and Lord. When we do not receive honest words of rebuke or commendation that are based on Scripture and spoken ...Read More

  • Sabbath Consciousness

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  • The Example of Jesus

    John 13:12–17

    Jesus, as God incarnate, is the Lord and Master of creation. But He is also the Suffering Servant who pays the price for sin. We cannot atone for the sins of others, but we can imitate Jesus in being willing ...Read More

  • The Cleansing We Need

    John 13:2–11

    Postconversion sins do not affect our legal relationship to God. By faith in Christ alone, we are justified and declared righteous permanently before the bar of God’s justice. But postconversion sins can interrupt our fellowship with God and with other ...Read More

  • Loved to the End

    John 13:1

    Should we ever doubt the love of Jesus for us, all we need to do is look to the cross. Jesus loved us enough to submit Himself to the worst death possible—death under the wrath and curse of God. He ...Read More

  • Christ the Judge

    John 12:47–50

    We will die either in a state of condemnation or in a state of salvation. Jesus is the dividing line between these two states, for only if we trust in Him alone for salvation will we be saved. It is ...Read More

  • Seeing the Son, Seeing the Father

    John 12:44–46

    Jesus is not merely “one way” to God or one option among many to whom we can look to figure out what God is like. No, to see Him is to see God, and the only way to see God ...Read More

  • Fear and the Reign of God

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  • A Call to Commitment

    John 12:42–43

    Inasmuch as we must personally trust in Christ alone for salvation, faith is a personal matter. However, faith is never a private matter. If we believe in Christ, we must be willing to confess Him before others and to declare ...Read More

  • The Glory Isaiah Saw

    John 12:36b–41

    Leon Morris, who was one of the foremost twentieth-century New Testament scholars, comments on today’s passage: “God’s purposes are not frustrated by the opposition of evil people. They are accomplished.” God used the hard hearts of Jesus’ opponents to fulfill ...Read More